Pip Faulks on Masonic Central

Hermes Trismegistus, Classical god

Join us as we talk to Pip Faulks who is one of the authors of “The Masonic Magician: The Life and Death of Count Cagliostro and His Egyptian Rite” The conversation should be interesting as we span the Atlantic to delve into the mysteries of Cagliostro, Egyptian Masonry, and its curious connection to Hermetica. Also, […]

Chris Hodapp on Masonic Central

Chris Hodapp

Author of the books Solomon’s Builders and Freemasons For Dummies and one of the strong voices for American Freemasonry today, Brother Chris Hodapp joins us on Masonic Central on November 23, 2008. Br. Chris has been a tireless worker for the fraternity in print, as well as in his blog Freemasons for Dummies, and in lodge being […]

Timothy Hogan author of Alchemical Keys to Masonic Ritual

Join on this Sunday, November 16th on Masonic Central as we talk to Brother Timothy Hogan about his book “The Alchemical Keys To Masonic Ritual“. Its sure to be an enlightening conversation on Alchemy, Ritual, and the “secrets” of Freemasonry as we explore the connections between alchemy, gnosticism and Freemasonry and delve some of the […]

W.Bro. S. Brent Morris – on Masonic Central

Brent Morris

Author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Freemasonry and the editor of The Scottish Rite Journal, S. Brent Morris, joined the Masonic Central podcast where he discussed the importance of the Scottish Rite in the 21st Century, the differences/similarities between the Scottish Rite and the York Rite, American Masonry today and shared his thoughts on how […]