Veiled Square & Hidden Compasses

By Brother Isaiah Coffey


Hopefully this response will find each of you Immortal Light Beings within the best of health, spirits and the 4 immeasurable states of mind: joy, love, compassion and equanimity. As we all are enrolled by the Universe in Earth school, our studies, in respect to truth, will vary as each of us spiral upward in degrees towards Infinity of becoming One again; hence the notion that there will come a point when all truths blend and become Truth. With that said, allow me to bring to the attention one of the lesser known truths regarding the Square & Compass.

Square and Compass

Square and Compass

Freemasonry stresses the concept that one needs to not only subscribe to a livelihood of high ethics, but that one needs to also lead a life of high moral standards. On the Volume of Sacred Law, within every lodge, Freemasonry presents an incomplete Star Tetrahedron. As many are unaware, just as many have discovered that the Star Tetrahedron possesses the symbol (Pentalpha) that King Solomon used to construct the Temple. Recently I wrote a post regarding Sulayman being a Magician, and I’m sure that some will find it to be quite disturbing only to discover the type of energy Solomon used to raise the Temple was far from ordinary hands — which gives a new revelation to the phrase “…a house not made with hands” — and as to why the Craft most likely terms our new Initiates as “Cornerstones,” and thus they are placed within the Northeastern corner, but this is not the purpose of this post.

As Solomon used the symbol to raise the Temple, so shall we raise our personal Temple by the symbol of the Square & Compass. Once one has raised his personal Temple figuratively, then consciously he is able to raise his Temple literally. While one can gather that the Square & Compass represents the sexual union of a male and female, during the most natural of all positions (Missionary Position), the legs actually form a Square and Compass. The Square would be the feminine principle and the Compass would be the male principle. In the center of this Square and Compass, or sexual union, is the act and/or center of Creation itself… just like our letter “G.” It takes no stretch of the imagination; just look at you emblem. One can also gather the incomplete Star of David, the natural, but non-sexual, fusion of the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Man as well as many other allusions. However, the following would be the most obscure: Merkabah or Merkaba (Light Vehicle).



Take notice of the placement of the male and female energy symbols.

Mer – (Light) Ka – (Spirit) Ba – (Body)

The Merkaba is an inter-dimensional vehicle with counter-rotating fields of energy or light (wheel within a wheel) and is housed at the base of the spine along with the serpentine power known as Kundalini or K-energy. Kundalini is an energy that is coiled around the base of the spine (like a snake) and travels along the spinal cord, in a winding fashion, through each of the chakras as one becomes more “awake.” [See Side Note 1 Below]

This vehicle has been used by the Ascended Masters such as Yeshua, Ezekiel, Buddha, Muhammad, Krishna, Moses, Ankhnaten, Leonardo and many other illumined sages to access various dimensions or higher realms. This vehicle, or the Merkaba, raises the Astral Temple from the 3rd dimensional plane into the remaining 4 dimensions; or the remaining 141 dimensions depending upon one’s school of thought. 141… where have we seen that before? {…chuckling…}

Merkabah Leonardo

Merkabah Leonardo

Do you remember when you were Raised that you changed angles by 90 degrees? Within the study of quantum physics, each dimension is separated by a 90-degree rotation. When you change wavelengths and rotate 90 degrees, you will disappear from this world and reappear in whatever dimension you are tuned-in to. The images that you see on this physical plane or 3rd dimensional realm would change according to the wavelength of the realm that you have entered. Our planet has many different worlds; they are all right here, but most of us are only viewing the maya or illusory realm because the human conscience has been preconditioned to tune in to one particular wavelength.

Dimensional Shift

Dimensional Shift

Though one may travel, via their Merkaba, to other dimensional levels, if your consciousness is not fully developed, you will not be strong enough to handle the higher vibrational levels and therefore will not be able to stay for an extended period. Certain beings, however, have managed to move through all the dimensional levels and remain conscious. They are known as Melchizedek’s. The level of a Melchizedek is realized when the consciousness has been fully developed or completely circumscribed and squared.

I can understand that this information can be hard to accept or one may even laugh at it; that is expected. But allow me to ask you a question: When was the last time you dreamed vividly standing up? Other realms (dreamworld) are involuntarily accessed when one changes angles (sleeps); however, these realms can be accessed without changing angles when one has come to master the mind. Many state that dreams are not real; nothing could be further from the Truth. The reason one does not “die” has been explained by one of the first rules of thermodynamics: Energy cannot be created or destroyed; only transferred or transformed. We are all made of pure light and energy. No matter which realm one is experiencing, he or she will and cannot “die.” [See Side Note 2 Below]

The physical body is not energy; it is the electricity (light) and soul, or spirit, that is the energy that propels the body. The only things that are not real are those things that are temporary; such as our current realm on the 3rd dimensional plane. This world is a school for the consciousness — just as the lodge represents the world and is a school for the conscience of a speculative Mason.



The symbols, of the superimposed Square & Compasses, are missing 2 parallel lines that will create a two-dimensional image of the Merkaba. The two parallel lines that are missing are the two pillars that you by-passed and often one will find the emblem within the middle of these two parallel lines, or pillars, in various artworks and depictions. It is up to you to take these keys and place them within their respective lock(s). These two parallel lines also represent a particular work within Alchemy that states “As Above, So Below,” as one pillar correlates to the celestial (Above) and the adjacent pillar represents the terrestrial (Below). It is also up to the work of an alchemist (Freemason) as to whether or not he will realize The Great Work or bring into fruition “As Above, So Below.”

Star Tetrahedron Man

Star Tetrahedron Man

A true alchemist will tell you that the “hidden stone” can only be found by journeying inside the hidden earth and then rectifying it. I am inter-mingling different sciences because I am trying to show that it is true that “all roads lead to Rome;” better yet even, all roads lead to Home. On every Masons ring, that bears a Square & Compass, the addition of 2 parallel lines (pillars) will create the symbol, used by Solomon, to raise the Temple. [See Side Note 3 Below]

Not only will these 2 lines create the symbol that Solomon used to construct his temple, and will enable each person to raise their own Temple, but it is also an every day reminder that if one will finish The Great Work and realize “As Above, So Below,” he will then have Raised his own Kundalini, truly become Crown Conscious, and will possess the power to activate the Merkaba at the base of the spine … thereby giving him passage to truly “Travel Light” … (chuckling) … and some thought the phrase was just a figure of speech.

Merkabah Energy

Merkabah Energy

[Side note 1: It is interesting to note that before one can “travel” within Speculative Freemasonry, he must first take passage via the flight of winding stairs. Within the realm of metaphysics, it has been overstood that before one can “travel” using their Merkaba, they must first raise their Kundalini — or wind the serpent up the stairs (chakras) of the spine.]



[Side Note 2: I know of only Life; death does not exist… death is but a phantom of one’s ignorance and fear. A change, however awful, demonstrates movement and movement is Life; those who have attempted to check the disrobing of the Spirit have tried to create a real death. We are all dying and being renewed everyday, because everyday our bodies have changed to some extent. Each of us are immortals. As a matter of fact, Jeremiah (1:5) stated that the Lord said: “Before you were in the womb, I knew you.” That’s because you and I have always existed. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed; only transformed if not transferred.

Think about it… it is impossible to go from mortal to immortality. One has a definite beginning — the other does not; meditate on that for a day or two.

Heaven and Hell are created by the mind… simple concepts to explain a complex truth.

Reincarnation… this simply means to be born anew in another body after death; it does not necessarily mean a “physical form;” however, if this was the case and argument, did not Jesus mention that John the Baptist was Elijah reincarnate? Does not a particular Volume of Sacred Law, that houses the book of Revelation, speak of the 2 saints returning in the flesh to preach to the masses? Does not the plethora of Volumes of Sacred Laws teach that you will be given “a new body” if you have “personally confessed or acknowledged your sins and/or karma” and from that point have led a life of “righteousness?”

Now maybe not here (within this place of existence), but sounds to me that somewhere your prana, energy, life-force, consciousness, or vibrational signature will “reincarnate” or take on a “new body” as the energy is transferred and you transform from one manifestation to another.

Each of the Volumes of Sacred Law(s) address particular truths that other respective volumes may fail to mention. When one consolidates these truths… then he’ll find the Absolute. Hence the reasoning our Craft accepts all creeds, or truths, so that one will meet and dwell within the Absolute. Which many are unaware, but at some point in time, one will come to overstand that there is no need to dwell within the Absolute because one will come to self-realization that the Absolute dwells within him and that he is All and the All is One.  The macrocosm exists within the microcosmAgain, the Macrocosm exists within the Microcosm.]

Neuron - Galaxy

Neuron - Galaxy

[Side Note 3: The Square & Compass is also a reminder of man realizing his divinity by perfecting his heart. When one closes the physical eyes, beauty ceases to exist; actions cease to exist because they cannot be witnessed. What remains is/are the intention(s) of the heart and consciousness. It is true that one can become perfect while enrolled in Earth school; all of the illumined sages, that have come before us and presently, have been and are lively demonstrated examples of perfection attained here on Earth school. Each illumined sage attained perfection in the form of flesh. The reason many never realize perfection is because many still judge the action(s) of others — when they should be weighing the intention(s) of themselves — therefore leaving and rendering the judgment flawed; as opposed to an unbiased and perfected judgement of the Self. This concept can be found within one of the Volumes of Sacred Laws I Samuel 16:7 and within the ancient system of Ma’at. Our actions are influenced by our thoughts; when one can can originate intention(s), thought(s) and action(s) from Love and selfless desire… the results will be “perfect.” ]

In closing, I will reaffirm my mental mantra regarding the Craft:

An Entered Apprentice is one who has awakened to self-realization, a true Fellow of the Craft is one who has begun the Path to Enlightenment… while a true Master is one who has mastered the mind.

Mind the mind; the wise tame themselves and if you tame yourself you’re wise.” ~ Buddha

Keep the mind attuned to a positive frequency!

Techqua Ikachi


Ekam Sat

Brother Isaiah

11 Tones :: Ahau

W.C. Thomas 112

MWPHGL of Georgia

…former owner of the blog: Kingdom of Conscience ~ Osiris


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  1. Fascinating!

    Bro. Isiah, the concept of Merkabah evokes Richard Hoagland’s ideas of hyper-dimensional physics. Maybe his assertion that high-ranking Masons are controlling NASA have some merit after all.

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