The Masonic year that was 2009

Highlights are a staple to every nightly news, we live in bits and bytes, electronically and in our day to day doings.  With that in mind, I thought a recap of some of 2009’s Masonic blogs would be a great way to close out the year.  Obviously this isn’t everything that happened, but these are some of the illuminated moments that stood out to me.

I have to admit, this started as a collection of all things newsie and/or important in 2009, but what I soon realized was that its not so much the important points, but the conversations and ideas that surrounded them.  So, in the end what I’ve collected are some of the posts that particularly caught my attention in 09.

I apologize if I missed any particular post.  If there is a particular one you think should be added, or a link to something from 2009 that belongs on this list, drop it into the comments!

William R. Singleton-Hope-Lebanon Lodge #7 of the Free and Accepted Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia holds the First Ever Masonic Presidential Inauguration Ball for President elect Barack Obama – From The Millennial Freemason

Don’t Tread on Me – From The Metaphysical Freemason

No Second Chances, living life as a Mason. – From The Relevant Freemason

One-Day Ritual Class – From the Grand Master’s Musings

Lewis Masonic Publisher Launches US Website , from Freemasons for Dummies

Jennifer Emick, formerly of the blog, launches the new Symbol Dictionary

A Short Masonic Look at Cuba—In Pictures – From Justa Mason

Grand Master’s Job Expectations – From MNGrandMaster09

England around 1717 – From Leon Zeldis on FmI

A Masonic Bill of Rights – From Tim Bryce on FmI

Joint GL Meeting and Cornerstone of Ceremony with PHA and A.F. & A.M. in North Carolina – From Freemasons for Dummies.

Tornado Destroys Arkansas Lodge: Kills OES Member – From Freemasons for Dummies

‘So help me God’, on the 220th anniversary of George Washington’s first presidential inauguration – From The Magpie Mason

Masonic Duties: Citizenship – From Masonic Minute

Are Illiterates Raising Illiterates? – From John Nagy on FmI

Connecticut and Rhode Island to merge Grand Lodges Special to The Hartford Times
Dateline: Farmington, CT. – From The Tao of Masonry

and not to forget the aboves follow up: Grand Lodge merger talks stalled – From the Tao of Masonry

and the follow up to the follow up… Hoax, Deconstructed

Henry W. Coil Library & Museum Launches Website – From Freemasons for Dummies

Federal Probe of the Shrine’s Royal Order of Jesters Expands in the wake of its prostitution and other spurious charges. – From  Freemasons for Dummies

It Was So Much Better Back Then. Really. – From Justa Mason

York Rite Alchemy – From Lodgical

The Catholic Church and Freemasonry – From Gate City Lodge on FmI

Solomon the Magician – From Isaiah Coffey on FmI

The “truth” on Conspiracies with Chris Hodapp – From Masonic Central

Masonic Bigotry and Georgia – From Freemasons for Dummies

and My brother’s keeper. Open Racism in Georgia Freemasonry. – From FmI

Not just a Club for Old Men – From A Christian Mason

Mormon and Mason – From The Sprig of Acacia

The Restaurant at the End of the Masonic Universe – From Stephan Dafoe on FmI

Grand Master of Kentucky Issues Edict on Race. – From Freemasons for Dummies

He coined G.A.O.T.U. – From The Magpie Mason

The heart is deceitful above all things.  – From Manthanein Chronicles

What will Freemasonry Offer My Son? – From Tim Darnell on FmI

Edict Issued by Grand Master of Georgia on the issues of Racism Raised earlier in the year. – From Freemasons for Dummies

Last Saturday He Died – From The Relevant Mason

The Back Nine of the Magnum Opus – From the 47th Problem of Euclid on FmI

Social Media & the Non-Profit – How Social Media is vital to fraternities – From Masonic Central on FmI

FmI’s Greg Stewart released the Free e-book “What is Freemasonry?”

Dan Brown’s long awaited “The Lost Symbol” hits the shelves to much fanfare in both the Masonic and the profane world.  The Lost Symbol – it’s the symbol of the symbolism.  From Greg Stewart on FmI

Interview with Baphomet – From The Setting Maul – Voices From The Clefts…

The Seven Blunders of the Masonic World – From The Euphrates   on FmI

Explain to us in detail a Christian can be a Freemason. – From A Christian Freemason

Tolerance Awareness Tuesday – What Do We Fear? – From MNGrandMaster09

Masonry and the Pursuit of Happiness – From The Rose City Mason

What is Gnosticism? – From the Papers of Robert G. Davis

Praise vs. Prayer – From the 47th Problem of Euclid on FmI

Symbols and Symbolism – From Carlos Antonio Martinez on FmI

My Two Worlds of Masonry – From Grand Master’s Musings

Which Public Image Do We Claim? – From the Papers of Robert G. Davis

November is Upon Us – From The Weekly Owl

Lon Milo Duquette on Masonic Central – From Masonic Central on FmI

TSS, The Sanctum Sanctorum joins forces with FmI as the message board of choice for Masonic Discussion.

Halcyon Lodge prevails in court case brought against them by Grand Lodge of Ohio.  From The Burining Taper

Changes at the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania – From Freemasons for Dummies

Tennis Shoe and T-Shirt Wearers Should Read This  – From the Palmetto Mason

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