In His Image

hand of God

Throughout my entire life, there has been one Biblical passage that has fascinated me more than any other. It appears early in the first book of the Bible in the first chapter of Genesis. “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created […]

Grand Lodge vs. Blue Lodge: Who Serves Who?

square and compass, freemasonry

Masons have been meeting upon the level and parting on the square well before the formation of the Grand Lodge of England in 1717 (the first “Grand Lodge”). The invention of the Grand Lodge system was inevitable as it afforded Masons a means to administer Freemasonry on a consistent basis to suit local customs and […]

Karl Grube from the Bonisteel Masonic library, this Sunday on Masonic Central

Michigan Freemasonry

Motor City Masonry has quite a tale to tell.  In the shadow of the automotive decline the memories of a Masonic hey day still stand as testament of the fraternities grandeur in the not so distant past. or, DOWNLOAD the mp3 Memories tend to be short when the immediate effect of the past is spread […]

Table Talk – post holiday catch up on 2009


Update, leave your comment on this post to enter to win a signed edition of the book Crown of Serpents! I know, its been a few weeks since the holiday… now that the christmas trees down, the bits of wrapping paper out of the nooks and the couch, and all the returns of unwanted gifts […]

Tracing the Generation of the Third Degree


by Adrian T. Taylor, Ph.D. Founding Member of the David A. McWilliams, Sr. Research & Education Lodge F&AM, PHA DC Introduction In the text “Accosting the African Origins of Freemasonry, and Beyond,”[1] this researcher took up the problem of the African/Egyptian origins of Freemasonry.  In the latter text, a representative argument was reviewed, as portrayed […]