The Masonic Bible

Two interesting “non-Masonic” takes on the Masonic bible.

I have to admit its amusing to me the degree that these are extolled as “satanic” or “evil” which I suppose just goes to show how little is known or understood about the fraternity today from these obviously very old Bibles.


I really like the 2nd video’s bible, lots of images to go along with the content.

If you don’t already have one of your own, you can still pick up a Master Mason Edition Bible on Amazon.


  1. Bro. James R. Morgan says

    What a crazy set of videos…. The whole time I am watching this I am thinking about my own Masonic Bible. What a shame that people think we are devil worshipping

  2. Kenneth L. Miles says

    Wow we still judge a book buy it’s cover, great book I understand, Moving Forward.


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