Knights Templar Turn To Be Degraded


Why should Freemasonry take all the hits? Let’s demean someone else, what say you? Time the Knights Templar got besmirched Would you believe that a Mexican Drug cartel is the new champion of truth, justice and the Mexican way?  That’s right! They are the new Knights Templars dedicated to enforcing a new ethical code. Wonders […]

More On Mass Murderer Breivik, A Freemason


Norwegian Anders Bering Breivik has been arrested for the mass murder of 92 people in two separate incidents. The first incident was a bomb that exploded in Oslo’s central government district. Reportedly aimed at Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoitenberg, the blast killed seven people. It is alleged that hours after the first attack Breivik, dressed […]

Norway Monster Anders Behring Breivik


It’s been reported that Norwegian gunman and bomber Anders Behring Breivik was, amongst several affiliations, a freemason, this according to the British Mail-online. In addition to the claim, it is also said he was a nazi, and right-wing anti muslim. You can read the reporting in the Mail Online article: Norwegian massacre gunman was a […]

First Ever Joint Conference Of The Phylaxis & Philalethes Societies

San Francisco flag

The first ever joint session of the Phylaxis and Philalethes Societies will  be held in San Francisco at the Scottish Rite Center on August 27 next month.  This brings together Mainstream and Prince Hall Masonic Research Bodies together for a historic confeence. Among the speakers will be noted authors Alton Roundtree and Tom Worrel.  For […]

Trouble brewing in the Philippine house of Masonry


The following comes from a note I picked up on in news link from Facebook. The article posted on the Isagani Lodge No. 96 Facebook page, and is less an inditement and more a question as to a growing cloud of mismanagement and nepotism that, they believe, has infultrated Philippine Freemasonry. Its called the author […]