Victor Marshall and Zeithlin Waters are Capped at Scottish Rite

Some old time Masons are learning the hard way that in 2011 we are very much in the Information Age.  The ability to take hurtful action and have nobody else notice is long gone. “Public Opinion,” that is the exposure that Freemason Information offered in this case and the resulting reaction by Masons across this great nation, has turned lemons into lemonade, a defeat into a victory.

Full story is here with pictures. Congratulations to Marshall & Waters!


  1. Darrell Pickney says

    I am thankful and encouraged that real Masons spoke up and stood up for true Freemasonry in Georgia. It appears the state of Georgia is finally on the right track with its Masonic fraternity. Masons in Georgia are no doubt holding their heads higher today due to the reversal of earlier Scottish Rite discriminating actions. In the 21st century no mainstream Grand Jurisdiction encouraging and/or tolerating unlawful separation of the races will continue to survive. Wake up neighboring states and neighboring Grand Jurisdictions. The world is watching through the internet.

  2. Dan Linihan says

    Victor Marshall and Zeithlin Waters are both fine men and masons. I am am proud to be their brother and friend.

  3. Kenneth L. Miles says

    Show your right, stand up and get counted no one should be left out or behind, God bless Always Moving Forward.

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