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Hmm… I came across an interesting management study today that discussed the ineffectiveness of managers. This study is equally applicable to the fraternity and may give us some insight why the fraternity is floundering. In a study by academics Heike Bruch and Sumantra Ghoshal, they revealed some interesting impressions of the decisiveness of managers: “What we found in our research surprised us. Only about 10 percent of the managers took purposeful action.” The remainder were busy, just not very effective: 40 percent were energetic but unfocused; 30 percent had low energy, little focus and tended to procrastinate; and 10% were focused, but not very energetic.

Let that sink in: only 10% of the managers took purposeful action. That would imply only one in ten Lodges are led by decisive Masters. To me, that’s a scary statistic. It means we are not setting goals and devising ways to achieve those goals. Maybe it’s time for some management training in our Lodges.

Read more on the study, Study: Most managers are ineffective.

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