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masonic working tools, freemason tool box, american craftsman shipI was cleaning up some past posts on the site and happened onto one from 2009 about the 10 Year Anniversary of Phoenix Masonry.  In the post was a mention of Brother Henry O. Studley’s tool box, which prompted me to do a quick search for it online.

Wikipedia says of the chest that…

When closed and hanging on a wall it takes up an area of approximately 39 inches by 20 inches with a 9 inch depth. It opens to become a 40 inch by 40 inch tool chest. The chest is made out of , and mother of pearl, materials that were probably taken from the Poole Piano Company’s scrap material.  Read more on Wikipedia about Henry O. Studley.

The story goes that before Br. Studley died in 1925, he gave the chest to a friend which has made its way to the Smithsonian in the late 1980s and later into a private collection..

Early in the search I found this…

The tip off link in the video comes at 1:28, but you have to look sharp to catch it.  When you watch, try and absorb the craftsmanship.

At the end, the narrator from the DiY channel says “One can only imagine the kind of piano that Mr. Studley was able to build.”

I can imagine Studley building the kind of piano not made by hands…

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  1. Jeff Stallard says:

    I’m not catching the tipoff at 1:29. I assume it’s some symbol built into the tool chest..?

  2. Watch the left part of the screen, it goes by pretty quick.

  3. Richard Ingham says:

    at :50 mark Norm refers to the Gothic cubby the small plane is in, well brethren, notice it’s an archway with pillars on either side !!!!

  4. Aye perhaps he refers to the C+T=G

    GOT it?


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