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podcast about FreemasonryMasonic Central – Engaging the most prolific thinkers, writers, leaders, entertainers, and other news makers of Freemasonry today in one-on-one interviews and round table discussions.

“We take the craft and art of Freemasonry seriously and we see the pod cast as an excellent medium for exploring the intellectual and spiritual depths of the fraternity; its ideas and experience!”

Masonic Central, with Brothers Greg Stewart and Dean Kennedy, was a weekly podcast about Freemasonry; its meaning, works, and ideas.

The podcast recorded from 2008 and 2010 reaching listeners across the globe.  Past guests included author of Freemasons for Dummies, Br. Chris Hodapp; the distinguished professor of Freemasonry Margaret Jacob; author and publisher Stephen Dafoe, musician and composer Howie Damron, the esteemed speaker and Secretary of the World Conference of Grand Lodges, the Right Worshipful Tom Jackson, and the Scottish Rite Journal’s very own Brent Morris, and this only names a few.

The show was self-produced and distributed via the web site

Masonic Central was about the compelling and challenging voices of wisdom on the more relevant subjects of 21st-century Masonry.  Greg Stewart takes a philosophical view about the fraternity, drawing out the intersection of thought and experience, of broad ideas and real life. Dean Kennedy brought a grounded and good humored take on the realities and dynamics of what the fraternity embodied.  The result was an in-depth and revealing program unavailable from traditional sources of Masonic communication. Just a few of the topics covered included Freemasonry in the cinema, Masonic Technology and the confusing world of Masonic publishing.

You can still listen to the program on iTunes by searching for “Masonic Central”

Listen to our past episodes!
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Ep 64 – All things Shrine International – Imperial Sir Jeff Sowder, Imperial Outer Guard for Shrine International, talks about all things big and small as it relates to the Shrine.
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Ep 63Social Capital and the era of Gate City Lodge.  Brs. Beaux Pettys and Mike Bjelajac join the program to talk Freemasonry and the growth of their lodge.
Download the Mp3

Ep62 – Michael Halleran on his new book The Better Angels of Our Nature – The Civil War and American Freemasonry.
Download the Mp3

Ep 61 – Table Talk, Masonic Central – From HELL by gaslight – the film, the graphic novel
Download the Mp3

Ep 60 – Greg Kaminsky from the Occult of Personality podcast.
Download the Mp3

Ep 59 – The Masonic Restoration Foundation – Br.’s Cliff Porter and Marc Tabbert join the program to talk about the MRF, T.O., and EC Lodges.
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EP 58 - Masonic Central Japan – Brothers Michael Pearce and Bill Patterson launch their inaugural edition Masonic Central Asia with guest Br. Jim Johnston.
Download the MP3

EP 57 – Karl Grube from the Bonisteel Masonic Library and Detroit Masonic Temple
Download the MP3.

EP 56 – Table Talk Post holiday catch up with Dean & Greg on the events of 2009.
Download the Mp3 here.

Ep 55 – Rebroadcast with Paul Bessel and Jerry Samet (Ep 8 from 2008)
Download the Mp3 here

Ep 54 – Mark Koltko-Rivera on Dan Brown and The Lost Symbol.
Download the Mp3 here.

Ep 53Publisher and author Br. Michael Poll of Cornerstone publishing.
Download the Mp3 here.

Ep 52 – Br. Lon Milo Duquette on Masonic Central.
Download Mp3 here.

Ep 52 – Surprise mystery guests on Masonic Central – Masonic Central Japan!.
Download Mp3 here.

Ep 51 – The Sanctum Sanctorum on Masonic Central.
Download Mp3 here.

Ep 50 – Building Boaz – Author John Nagy on Masonic Central.
Download Mp3 here.

Ep 49 – Crown of Serpents on Masonic Central.
Download Mp3 here.

Ep 48 – “The Lost Symbol” found with Chris Hodapp and Cliff Porter
DownloadMp3 Here.

Ep 47 – What is Freemasonry? An discussion with Tim Bryce and Tom Accuosti

Ep 46 – Masonic Central Table Talk – Back to School!

Ep 45 – Social Media and the Non-Profit – How Social Media is vital to fraternal organizations

Ep 44 – The return of Masonic Central and the “Masonic Baptism” with Cliff Porter!

Ep 43 – Br. Mark Allen Tabbert on the George Washington Memorial.

Ep 42 – Author Karen Kidd on her new book “Haunted Chambers, the lives of early women Freemasons.”

Ep 41 - Br Stephen Dafoe, on Morgan: The Scandal That Shook Freemasonry

Ep 40 Freemasonry and Qabbalah – The 32 Secret Paths of Solomon with Timothy Hogan

Ep 39 – Br. Timothy Bonney, PM. on the European Concept Lodge vs. The Traditional Observance Lodge concept. Br. Tim is the author of the owner and editor of the website Freemasonry Resource

Ep 38 – The “truth” on Conspiracies with Chris Hodapp. The “truth” on Conspiracies with Chris Hodapp, author of Freemasons for Dummies, and Conspiracy Theories And Secret Societies For Dummies.

Ep 37Br. Christopher Allan Knowles – author & publisher
Brother Knowles is the author of three books of Masonic fiction in the vein of police procedural murder mysteries.

Ep 36 – Frater Hrumachis, who is the former Public Information Officer of the U.S. Grand Lodge of the Ordo Templi Orientis

Ep 35- Br. John Nagy, author of the new book Building Hiram – Uncommon Catechism for Uncommon Masonic Education

Ep 34 – Br. Martin Faulks of Lewis Masonic Publishing on the Masonic literary world and being a Masonic Ninja!

EP 33 – Br. Peter Millheiser (NEW ON BLOG TALK RADIO) editor of the Hibiscus Masonic Review on journal of the same name and education in Freemasonry.

EP 32 – Composer and Producer Harm Timmerman from Free Stone Music, the creator of the Masonicly inspired CD “The Temple of Humanity“.

EP 31 – Table Talk with the editors and authors of

EP 30 – Professor Margaret C. Jacob the Distinguished Professor of History at UCLA

EP 29 – Br. W. Kirk MacNulty on the Mystical Orientation of Freemasonry

EP 28 – James Wasserman, compiler of The Mystery Traditions

EP 27 – Maja D’Aoust – Librarian of the Philosophical Research Society

EP 26 – Br. Mark Menard on technology and Freemasonry

EP 25 – Br. Howie Damron and the Music of Masonic Pride with live performance of the Masonic Ring.

EP 24 – J.J. Miller and the compilers and editors of Morals and Dogma for the 21st Century, Stone Guild Publishing.

EP 23 – Masonic Central Back to Basics, Masonic Central goes back to basics in a round table discussion.

EP 22 – 1st Annual Digital Table Lodge – the first annual Masonic Table Lodge

EP 21 – RW Michael T. Anderson on Prince Hall Freemasonry.

EP 20 – Author Pip Faulks on the book the Count Cagliostro and her book The Masonic Magician.

EP 19 – Author Chris Hodapp on his book “Freemasons for Dummies” and his new venture The Masonic Society

EP 18 – Author Timothy Hogan on the Alchemy of Freemasonry and his book “Alchemical Keys to Masonic Ritual”

EP 17 – W.Bro. S.Brent Morris 33rd – Editor of “The Scottish Rite Journal” and the author of the book The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Freemasonry.

EP 16 – W. Bro Robert Davis 33rd on Oklahoma Masonry, the Guthrie College of the Consistory study program

EP 15 – R.: W.: Tom Jackson – On the Secretary of the World Conference of Masonic Grand Lodges and formerly the Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania

EP 14 – Author and professor Jessica Harland-Jacobs – Author of “Builders of Empire: Freemasons and British Imperialism, 1717-1927”.

EP 13 – Br. Stephen Dafoe – Author of several Masonic and Templar books, who is now crossing into the world of Graphic Novels with his new project Outremer

EP 12 – Table “Tech” Talk – A look at the various types of tools available on line for for use in the administration and communication in the lodge environment.

EP 11 – Br. Nelson King – Past President and current Editor of the Philalethes Society.

EP 10 – Freemasonry in the Movies – Masonic Central as we talk about Freemasonry in the movies “The Man Who Would be King”, “National Treasure”, “Rosewood”.

EP 9 – Br. Adam Kendall – the Curator of Collections for the Henry Wilson Coil Library & Museum of Freemasonry for the Grand Lodge of F. & A.M. of California.

EP 8 – Brothers Paul Bessel and Jerry Samet – Paul is a prolific author and web publisher of the Masonic website as well as of many papers, and books, and Br. Jerry is a Past Grand Master of Washington D.C

EP 7 – Jennifer Emick – The former alternative religion guide Jennifer Emick

EP 6 – Masonic Central Table Talk – An open forum discussion on all things Masonic

EP 5 – “One Mountain, Many Paths” - Join us as the author of “One Mountain, Many Paths”, a book billed as “A spiritual companion or gift for family and friends, One Mountain, Many Paths is filled with uplifting quotes from the sacred texts of all of the great religious traditions…”

EP 4 – Br. Tom Accousti – From the Masonic blog the Tao of Masonry.

EP 3 – Br. John Ratcliff – A talk about a variety of topics including why he became a Freemason, blogging, books on Freemasonry, esoteric Freemasonry vs. ritual magic, symbolism, the Boy Scouts, and traveling to visit other lodges

EP 2 – Brother Tim Bryce – Tim Bryce under the Grand Lodge of Florida, on a variety of topics ranging from the organization and management of the fraternity to the lessons of our history and how they have played out in the past that directly relating to us today.

EP 1 – Brother Fred Miliken – Fred Milliken of the blog the Beehive on modern masonry, Prince Hall, and his Masonic journey.

What: The weekly Masonic Central Pod Cast
When: Sunday’s at 6pm PST / 9pm EST


  1. frater mus says:

    Wow, just suffered through Ep 14. The gentleman from York could have justifiably had his microphone cut. The guest would have been better treated and the resulting show would have been more valuable to listeners.

  2. Richard Snyder says:

    I just found this podcast and seriously enjoyed it. Thank you but why did it end? I can’t find any reasons.

  3. Michael carroll says:

    What happened to it?!?!?!? I was so happy to have found it and have listened to every episode at least twice.


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