The Lost Symbol in paperback, have you found yours?

hand of mysteries

At last, the paperback edition of Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol hits store shelves on October 19th. The sleeper hit that sent us head long into the adventures of Professor Robert Langdon in, under,and above the greater Washington D.C. capitol to save his mentor and close friend 33rd degree Mason Peter Solomon from the clutches […]

Dan Brown’s Influence On World Peace


Along with my Short Talk Bulletin I recently rescued from my mailbox came with it MIC’s (Masonic Information Center – a part of MSANA)  FOCUS, a short communication on whatever is HOT right now in Freemasonry.  And what is hot right now, as we all know, is Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol. MIC published a […]

Mark Koltko-Rivera on Masonic Central

The Apotheosis of Washington

This week on Masonic Central: With the release of The Lost Symbol, many have had the opportunity to read though the work and see the results of Dan Brown’s non-Masonic contribution to the mythology of the fraternity.  Like his past work, Without a doubt The Lost Symbol is a layered thriller that can be analyzed […]

The Lost Symbol – The Road Best Not Travelled


There is nothing I like better than a good murder mystery.  I cut my teeth on Sherlock Holmes, Lord Peter Wimsey, Perry Mason and Ellery Queen.  Nowadays I turn to such luminaries as John Grisham, Scott Turow, Richard North Patterson and William Bernhardt.  And that is what Dan Brown’s Lost Symbol is a good murder […]

The Lost Symbol – a review


This review in two parts, one from a lay reader perspective, and one from a Masonic perspective. The Masonic perspective can be found here. Dan Brown’s new book, The Lost Symbol,  reminded me of a parable.  A parable is a story embellished with perhaps some grains of reality to convey a broader idea of truth.  […]

The secret is how to die.

An excerpt from the “The Lost Symbol” in Parade Magazine… House of the Temple 8:33 P.M. Since the beginning of time, the secret had always been how to die. The thirty-four-year-old initiate gazed down at the human skull cradled in his palms. The skull was hollow, like a bowl, filled with bloodred wine. Drink it, […]

Dan Brown’s New Book is Coming Out-So What?


On Tuesday, September 15th, Dan Brown’s new book entitled The Lost Symbol will hit shelves at bookstores throughout the U.S. and probably most of the world. Because his previous book The DaVinci Code is one of the most widely read books in history, many people believe that The Lost Symbol has the potential to be […] weighs in on the Lost Symbol and its potential Masonic connections.

Some quick excerpts from the article on titled New Dan Brown Novel Means Extra Scrutiny for Masons.  You’ll notice a few comments from our friends and brothers Br. Mark Koltko-Rivera, and Br. Chris Hodapp. As members of a secretive brotherhood, Freemasons are no strangers to conspiracy theories. They’ve heard it all before: that they’re […]