A Modern History of the OTO

OTO lamen

Originally published on Jan 10, 2013, in the video author and publisher James Wasserman shares his experience in the development of the modern Thelemic movement, some observations on the contemporary scene, and his continued enthusiasm for the spiritual teachings of Aleister Crowley. Wasserman, you may recall, was a guest on Masonic Central in 2009 discussing his […]

The Unknown Elementalist Franz Bardon

Franz Bardon

by Br. Martin Faulks. He is one of the most important but least known magicians and spiritual teachers of the Twentieth Century. He published a complete path of spiritual and magical development that is completely based of the four elements and stands beyond any tradition. Known only through the four books he wrote which were […]

Chemical Wedding

Chemical Wedding

The 2008 film Chemical Wedding is a fictional story about the resurrection of the 20th century occultist Aleister Crowley. Written by Bruce Dickinson–yes, THE Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden–and Julian Doyle, it is best described as a low budget horror flick. It fulfills every expectation that that description creates: the story line is kind of […]

Solomon the Magician

king Solomon, black arts, magick

By Brother Isaiah Coffey Peace and blessings to all Divine Immortals Magick has been equated with the act of being sinful, evil, sinister and ungodly even, however, nothing could be further from the Truth. Many are not aware that we use magick in some form or fashion during our daily lives. Prayer, itself, is even […]