Ke$ha’s Die Young occult foray

die young video, secret society

Pop singer KeSha’s new video Die Young, a track off her new album Warrior, is an interesting foray into the Masonic Nexus as it swirls in a mix of secret society symbolism. Certainly not the most interesting use of esoteric or occult symbolism in music, I’d give that prop to Jay-Z and his all seeing […]

Usain Bolt and the Masonic Ring.


This should be filed under the material culture of Freemasonry, the validity of which is open to interpretation.  Yet, the video illustrates the story itself. The footage comes from the Usain Bolt’s DJ Challenge channel on YouTube within which the Olympic medalist talks about his love of music from a 2010 spot for the 2010 […]

Jay-Z’s playing with us now.

square and compass, freemasonry

So Jay-Z isn’t a Freemason… but his line of Rocawear is. Not so new, but just in time for fathers day, is the Masters of the Craft T-shirt straight up with the Square and Compass. Called the Circle T, its one a few in the Rocawear line (both new and old) that’s riffing off the […]

Rick Ross’s Free Mason = Fraternal Shark Jump?

teflon don

The new song from Rick Ross featuring Jay-Z off the Teflon Don Album. I’ll let the song and lyrics speak for themselves. Free Mason. And a bit more from Rick Ro$$ on the title and lyrics. MTV Shows I get that Free masonry is deep in the pocket of material culture, and that it has […]