Ol’ Leroy McKrank and Lodge Donations

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Earl Sunderman had belonged to the local Masonic lodge for nearly fifty years. As his health had become increasingly frail in his waning years—he was eighty-seven—he had decided to move into a nursing home and wanted to supervise the division and apportioning of his estate himself. Earl desired to leave a considerable sum to his […]

The Christian Mason


“Boy, am I perplexed!” said the young Brother as he sat down on the bench outside of the lodge building. Ferris Thompson, a Past Master who spent most of his time mentoring his younger Brethren was sitting on the bench contently puffing his bent bulldog pipe. “What has you confused? Not that I’m promising that […]

The Chronicles of Philosophus: Violating the Sabbath

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On the day of the Sabbath, the builders were exiting the temple after they had worshiped to return to their homes. It was the law among the Jewish builders that they could not work on the Sabbath, but they noticed one of their fellow craftsmen, a man named Amon who was born in Gebal, mixing […]

The Chronicles of Philosophus


At that time in the land of Gebal, the builders would gather at high twelve on the day before the Sabbath. They would meet in the temple to discuss the work of the craftsmen and to study the ancient arts. The master builders filled the higher offices, with the craftsmen joining them on the floor. […]