Masonic Central with Paul Bessel and Jerry Samet

This is a special Masonic Central re-broadcast from August 2008 when brothers Paul Bessel and Jerry Samet, past Grand Master Washington DC, joined us on the program for an enlightening conversation about Paul’s fantastic research and publication website, his book Masonic Questions and Answers and a deep discussion into some of the further edges of […]

Paul Bessel in Moments Magazine


Br. Paul Bessel, from the web site fame of the same name was interviewed recently by the American Jewish Community magazine Moment. In the issue, Paul spends come considerable time talking about Masonry, his Masonic journey, and Freemasonry’s place int he fabric of America. It really is an interesting article that I highly recommend. […]

Paul Bessel and Jerry Samet join Masonic Central


In this episode of Masonic Central, we are joined by Paul Bessel and Jerry Samet who are both prominent Masons in their own right, with Br. Paul having served in 7 Grand lodge offices under the Grand Lodge of Washington DC and Br. Jerry as the Past Grand Master of Washington DC. If those titles […]