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Dateline NBC’s “To catch a Freemason”

Sorry, the title is a play on the “other” shows that Dateline puts out.

In case you missed it, Dateline NBC and Matt Lauer spent some quality time with Dan Brown in the house of the temple to talk all things Masonic, oh, and the Lost Symbol too.

I can’t find the full video of the episode yet, but you can find clips at the Dateline site, and a transcript of the program here.

I did want to say nice work to friends of FmI Br.’s Cliff Porter and Tim Hogan, nicely done brothers.  Late in the program Br. Cliff came on to support the idea that Freemasonry does in fact hold some secrets, though not of the nefarious type.

Another shout out to Br. Arturo DeHoyas from the house of the temple.  He did a spectacular job in defining Freemasonry and laying out the history of the fraternity in the short clips that they were edited into.

All in all, the dateline program was flattering to Freemasonry and really seemed to paint Brown as the reluctant spokesman for the fraternity, his way of writing a letter of fictional recommendation for it.  Even more interesting recently was his letter to the Scottish Rite, acknowledging their invitation, tanking them, but declining an appearance.

All interesting stuff.

In the mean time, here’s a clip about the Dateline special, and when the final episode makes it onto the web, I recommend you check it out.

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