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Live Stone Lodge’s Thanksgiving Baskets For Seniors

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Live Stone Lodge No. 152 F&AM: Thanksgiving Food Basket Charity from Odin Clack on Vimeo.

There is a Lodge a few cities away from my Lodge that does some great things, some of the wonderful things that my Lodge does and all the Lodges I have become familiar with in the Prince Hall Texas system. It is Live Stone Lodge No. 152, Grand Prairie, Texas. Today we have a good example of what a caring community can do for others.

To see a video on this event all you have to do is to click on the link and then when the video screen pops up click on the start video arrow in the lower left hand corner.

To all my friends in Mainstream Masonry I want to say that this is a good illustration of the difference between institutionalized charity and personal charity. The charity viewed here by Live Stone Lodge is the type of aid and concern for others and those that have labored that we might be where we are today, that should be a part of the charitable works of the Lodge.

To Live Stone Lodge #152, F & AM and my friend Brother Calvin Thomas who is one of the Brothers there that I know well, I say BRAVO! This Lodge deserves Kudos not only for what it does but also for being part of the 21st century age of technology and for using that technology to display what they are accomplishing. If more Lodges would do likewise think of the increase in favorable impression of Freemasonry that might be generated.

If you have any trouble with that video Link here is another one to try:

In addition Live Stone Lodge offers a full gallery of photos of the event here:

I invite you all to drop Live Stone Lodge a line and encourage them to continue in the manner they are proceeding and to tell them how much you enjoyed their video and photographs.

Live Stone Lodge No 152 F & AM
PO Box 531494
Grand Prairie, Texas 75053