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Traditional Observance, What is it, and is it the Future of American Masonry?

Masonic Restoration

“Curious about how to bring Masonry into the Tradition it came from?”  “Whats this new Concept I’ve heard about called European Masonry?”

You may of heard these questions tossed around in some of the more secluded or private conversations at a lodge meeting.  Or, perhaps in one of the many web forum discussions that  so often ask the meaningful questions about where Masonry has come from, where it resides today, and where its headed.  And all the while in those discussions, the term Traditional Observance Lodge or European Concept seems to be mentioned as one of the strongest possible paths of preserving the past and future of the American styled Gentleman’s Craft.

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But, from a top down view, to preserve something necessitates a point of restoration, to a point of origin perhaps? And, in this modern day of busy lives, hastened schedules, and from a Masonic perspective – lackluster meetings, a point of restoration was in order.  Which brings us to the Masonic Restoration Foundation.   At its heart, the MRF has at its focus the  identifying of solutions and implementation of programs aimed at reinforcing and expanding positive trends at local, state and national levels in Freemasonry.

From its website:

The MRF provides education and training to individuals, lodges and Grand Lodges on ways to establish quality programs, academic excellence and social relevance in their Masonic communities. As American Freemasonry faces some of the most important challenges in its history, the MRF stands to ensure a sense of purpose and identity for the Craft.

Listen to this episode of Masonic Central as they talk about the Masonic Restoration Foundation, Traditional Observance Lodges (TO), and the European Concept Lodge (EC). Marc Conrad and Cliff Porter, both of whom  are active Board members of the Masonic Restoration Foundation join the show to discuss all things forward in Freemasonry.  What exactly is a EC lodge? Are TO lodges the wave of the future? How do I start the conversation on forming a TO lodge? Listen in and ask the questions with us as we explore the TO and EC lodge archetypes with the Board of the Masonic Restoration Foundation.

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