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Geometry in Freemasonry | Symbols and Symbolism

In this episode, we explore the significance of Geometry as it relates to Freemasonry. An old attribution, its scientific and philosophical connections hold greater resonance than its computational counterparts with paper and pen. More Masonic Symbols, here. In the modern rituals, geometry is said to be the basis on which the superstructure of Masonry is […]

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The Beehive | Symbols and Symbolism

In this episode of Symbols and Symbols we examine the Masonic symbol of the beehive, a symbol that Mackey, in his Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, calls a symbol of an obedient people. In masonic parlance, the symbol is more recognizable as an emblem industry. The Master Mason degree says of the beehive that it is an emblem […]

The Masonic Symbolism of Color

The Masonic Symbolism of Color

The subject of color in connection with Masonry is one which has received very little attention from students, in the past, but it is nevertheless one which is susceptible to some extremely fascinating speculations. In Symbolic Masonry we encounter reference to but three, the alternating black and white of the Mosaic pavement denoting the “dual […]

Ordo Ab Chao | Symbols and Symbolism

In this installment of Symbols and Symbolism, we explore the origins of the Latin phrase ordo ab chao better known as order out of chaos. Often taken as an esoteric alliteration of transformation, the source of this oft used Latin phrase has its roots deeply embedded in the origin story of the Scottish Rite in the Americas. While […]