The Knights of the Masonic Roundtable

They are known as The Knights of The Masonic Roundtable or simply as The Masonic Roundtable. They are five innovative, hard working, and extremely nice Masons who got together in 2014 to spread Masonic light around the world via their weekly show. Phoenixmasonry (and Freemason Information) is delighted to have had the opportunity to meet […]

Riding the Goat – Symbols and Symbolism

In this edition of Symbols and Symbolism, we look at a reading from Albert G. Mackey’s Encyclopedia of Freemasonry on the subject of Riding the Goat. Goat riding is one of those superstition that permeates most every corner of fraternal initiation. Not exclusively a Masonic institution, goat riding or making candidates “ride the goat” has been an aspect […]

In Hoc Signo Vinces – Symbols and Symbolism

In this installment of Symbols and Symbolism, we look at the meaning behind the iconic slogan of the York Right Knight Templars – In Hoc Signo Vinces (pronounced – in hohk sig-noh wing-kase). Translated from Latin to read “By this sign thou shalt conquer,” the motto, and its corresponding association with the passion cross are, […]

Evidence of Hidden Meaning in Masonic Ritual

A Sojourners post by W. Bro. Rob Lund. Albert Pike once wrote: “Freemasonry is the subjugation of the human that is in man, by the Divine; the conquest of the appetites and the passions, by the Moral Sense and the Reason; a continual effort, struggle, and warfare of the Spiritual against the Material and Sensual.” […]

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Esoteric Masonic Study

The following represent a selection of esoteric and occult studies that exist on the fringes of contemporary Freemasonry. While many of the works seem to originate in groups outside the craft, most of these groups have roots in the Masonic tradition. Understanding how and why these offshoot groups exist is important in understanding the true […]

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Masonic Books A-G

Books by Author: A-G | Books by Author: H-M | Books by Author: N-Z [one-half-first] The Temple and the Lodge Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh Coauthors of Holy Blood, Holy Grail Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh recount the events that led to the strange and sudden disappearance of the Knights Templar in the fourteenth century […]

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Masonic Books H-M

Books by Author: A-G | Books by Author: H-M | Books by Author: N-Z [one-half-first] Workman unashamed: The testimony of a Christian Freemason Christopher Haffner Freemasonry has been the subject of much debate by both Christians and non-Christians alike. It has provoked several books to be published in recent years which have sensationalized the issue […]

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Masonic Books N-Z

Books by author: A-G | Books by Author: H-M | Books by Author: N-Z [one-half-first] The Craft Unmasked – The Uncommon Origin of Freemasonry and its Practice Dr. John S. Nagy The Society of Free & Accepted Masons, which is better known to the world as The Freemasons, has been in existence for nearly three […]

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Masonic Books for the New Mason

A short collection of works and good reads for the newly made Freemason. [one-half-first] Freemasons For Dummies Christopher Hodapp Take the mystery out of the Freemasons. Fascinated by Freemasons? Freemasons For Dummies is the internationally bestselling introduction to the Masons, the oldest and largest “secret society” in the world. This balanced, eye-opening guide demystifies Freemasonry, […]