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The Plumb Rule

The jewels of the three principal officers of a Lodge are also the working tools of the Fellowcraft degree. They are the: PLUMB, LEVEL, and SQUARE. Why are these jewels given these distinctions? There are two basic reasons: First, in earlier times, the Fellowcraft was the ultimate degree. There was no Master Mason degree. The […]

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What Does Freemasonry Do?

Freemasonry opens members eyes to the knowledge that the road to happiness is found in the journey to the perfection of the spirit, intellect & soul, collectively striving to their fullest potential. Differing from religious institutions, Freemasonry sees all people as equal, not drawing division of expressions of faith or depth of beliefs. Fellow Freemasons […]

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about Freemasonry Shrouded in mystery, many of the questions about Freemasonry are easily answerable and offer a glimpse into the fraternity. This list of answers to frequently asked questions about Freemasonry will put into context some of the most often and least explained, aspects of the fraternity. You can download a free ebook […]

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What Is Freemasonry?

Freemasonry is a post-collegiate fraternity dedicated to the spiritual development of the initiate into a broader sense of the self, how they relate to the Divine and their contributory role in the world. It conveys this message through a series of progressive degrees initiating the candidate into a deeper level of understanding and membership. Ultimately, […]

Masonic Central Podcast

Stephen Dafoe

In this episode of Masonic Central, originally recorded on October 12, 2008, Greg and Dean are joined by the esteemed author and historian Stephen Dafoe. We dig into all things Templar delving into their historic past and their meaningful significance to Freemasonry today. It was a great discussion and one sure to illuminate the wide […]