A Masonic Journey

I have read many a Masonic book in my time. Some of them are so complicated, grandiose and difficult to read that sometimes I think I am back in school reading a textbook. That is why reading Nelson Rose’s book, A Masonic Journey, is a welcomed change of pace. Rose has written a book that […]

Masonic Traveler, The Book

Masonic Traveler is a book that will bring many Freemasons into the esoteric part of Freemasonry that a Mason never gets in Lodge. It is a journey, the journey of Greg Stewart who is a Masonic Traveler.

Baphomet – Symbols and Symbolism

In this installment of Symbols & Symbolism, we look at a reading from Albert G. Mackey’s Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, on the infamously nefarious figure of Baphomet – the alleged false idol of the Knights Templar and one of the key instruments of their undoing by Pope Clement. More installments of Symbols & Symbolism are available here and on YouTube. The imaginary […]

Revisiting Masonic Artist Ryan Flynn

Once Again we visit Masonic artist Brother Ryan Flynn but this time in person. You might remember my first article on Brother Flynn, The Multi Talented Masonic Graphic ArtistBrother Ryan J. Flynn. The video pretty much tells the story so we will just add some highlights. We are back once again to see what is new […]

Dropping Masonic Titles

Can such a change defuse Masonic politics?BRYCE ON FREEMASONRY Harmony is an essential ingredient to any Masonic Lodge. It is one of the main reasons men gravitate to Lodge; to escape the harsh realities of the world and sit among men who enjoy the company of others and respect the dignity of each other. To […]

Masonic Censorship

GRAND MASTER’S EDICT ANNOUNCED AT THE GRAND COMMUNICATION – 13th JUNE, 2012 Edict From Masonic Grand Lodge of New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory On 12 May 2010 the Board of Management passed a resolution stating the principles governing esoteric research. These principles are central to the practice of Regular Freemasonry. In order that there […]

Fred Milliken,Freemason Information,The Beehive

The Ultimate Masonic Lesson

Recently I had the joy of instructing a class of our newly raised Master Masons. Going over “what’s in the book” is vitally important and we did that. But equally important is to teach what is not in the book, what is not part of the curriculum per se. For me that means teaching the […]

Paranormal Activity 3 and the Masonic Nexus

It’s Halloween, time for spooky movies, and the new film Paranormal Activity 3 does a terrific job in delivering the spooktacular. If you haven’t followed the series, Paranormal Activity 3 is actually the first story installment of the trilogy giving us the foundation of its Paranormal predecessors. I won’t give away the plot (big house, […]