Whence came the Moral Law in Freemasonry?

The Moral Law is a foundational aspect of the Fraternity if Freemasonry. Anderson uses the phrase in his Constitution of… Read More

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William H Upton Memorial Ceremony

https://youtu.be/k7V5C9gDcMM   This remarkable man was the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Washington… Read More

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The Lost Empire

https://youtu.be/ir81eGLgtoU RUN IN FULL SCREEN There is a hot new book out here on the Prince Hall scene, “THE LOST… Read More

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The Empty Chair Degree in Freemasonry

The Empty or Vacant Chair ceremony is thought to date to 1875, a decade after the close of the American… Read More

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Bryce Launches New Book, “How to Run a Nonprofit”

BRYCE ON NEW "HOW TO" BOOK - It doesn't require rocket science. Click for AUDIO VERSION. To use this segment… Read More


Calling All Masons. Help Me Write A Charge

The Best One-Two Punch In Modern Times   I have, in my position as an old Past Master, mentored a… Read More

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Arkansas Masons Can Become Shriners

This landed in the email today. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Arkansas Masons Can Become Shriners The Grand Master of Arkansas, Jesse… Read More

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A Joyful & Talented Installation

https://youtu.be/l9XSSC0zDj8     I attended my good friend’s installation as Master of Stockyard Lodge No. 1244, Grand Lodge of Texas… Read More

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Why are Nonprofits Failing?

BRYCE ON MANAGEMENT - Because we are not dedicated "for the good of the order." Click for AUDIO VERSION. To… Read More


The President Honors A Fallen Brother

On May 22, 2019 President Trump presented Police Officer, and brother, Brent Alan Thompson the Public Safety Officer Medal of… Read More

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