The Best of the Middle Chamber Online

In a cooperative effort with Phoenixmasonry, the best articles from my work on The Middle Chamber are now available online. This compilation is called Freemasonic Fables and can be found at Phoenixmasonry. Executive Director Frederic L. Milliken says this about the website’s new feature:

Phoenixmasonry is pleased to announce the publication of “Freemasonic Fables” by Terence Satchell. Brother Satchell has a unique knack for story telling which we at Phoenixmasonry feel will tickle the fancy of its many visitors. Freemasonic Fables is a collection of just such down home Masonic yarns that Satchell has written for his website over a period of years. The collection foretells of greater things to come as Brother Satchell has published some major serious symbolic papers also. We have provided a special corner at Phoenixmasonry for Brother Satchell’s future works and we congratulate him on his creative ability and look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.

Brother Frederic L. Milliken
Executive Director Phoenixmasonry

I am excited for these works to be available for the fans of The Middle Chamber as well as those who are new to the works presented on that site. I hope that you will find Freemasonic Fables an enjoyable read.


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