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Right Worshipful Frank Jackson

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I Had A Dream ~ The Last Degree

The wages of a Master Mason and the lesson of the Third Degree is  - IMMORTALITY! If you have ever… Read More

Brother Mike McCabe Passes To The Celestial Lodge Above

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The Era Of Masonic Videos Is In

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The Expectations Of The Millennial Freemason, An Interview With Brother Justin Jones

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The Secret Of A Successful Masonic Lodge

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Spare Wheel Or Steering Wheel

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Contemplative Masonry By Brother Chuck Dunning

https://youtu.be/BRD7bwA2ybw   I am often asked, not only by the public at large but even by some Masons, how does… Read More

What It Means To Be A Mason

In 1994 Wor. Fran Foster attended a very special event in his community. The Mt. Rushmore flag came to town,… Read More

Terra Masonica, Around The World In 80 Lodges

https://youtu.be/ZH-II5nUaRo Masonic filmmaker Tristan Bourlard and his groundbreaking global film, Terra Masonica, interviews on Phoenixmasonry Live! Special appearance by The Prince… Read More