Haunted Chambers, the lives of early women Freemasons.

Haunted Chambers by Karen Kidd

Haunted Chambers by Karen Kidd

Join Masonic Central this Sunday, June 28th at 6pm PDT / 9pm EDT as we meet and talk to Br. Karen Kidd, the author of the new book Haunted Chambers: The Lives of Early Women Freemasons.

The topic of the program is a haughtily debated one, and certain not to be decided in the time we spend in the program.  But we will discuss the book, some of the notable history of Feminine Freemasonry, and perhaps explore what that means today.

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From the site:

These women aren’t supposed to have existed.

But they did.

Haunted Chambers“, for the first time ever, presents not only the most complete list of early women Freemasons but also as much detail about their lives as can still be found. Here are their stories, long suppressed, ignored and marginalized. They include medieval women stone cutters; so-called “adoptive” women Freemasons; an aristocrat; a countess; an early New Brunswick settler; a war hero; a writer of women’s rights; an immigrant Irish girl; the famed sculptress of Abraham Lincoln’s statue in the US Capitol Rotunda and many whose names are now lost.

Some will find this book a challenge. Some would rather it never had been written, let alone published. “Haunted Chambers” is highly recommended to anyone who wants the actual history of these early women Freemasons and aren’t afraid to read it.

This is a special hour and a half long program on Masonic Central on Sunday June 28th starting at 6pm PDT/9pm EDT to explore the dark and mysterious Haunted Halls of history and its impact on Freemasonry today.   In the last half hour we will open a segment for your questions and comments to the author live on the air.  To ask your questions call: (347) 677-0936 during the program.

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Morgan: The Scandal That Shook Freemasonry

Book about the William Morgan scandal in Freemasonry

American history is intricately tied to the history of Freemasonry.

One such crossroad was the Anti-Masonic Party that dominated early American politics between 1827 and 1838. But where did the Anti-Masonic party find its inspiration? When you dig into the shadows and rumors of the past, the answers start to take shape in a jig-saw puzzle of post colonial American life, politics, and scandal. And in those hidden recesses, the real story begins to emerge.

Important to say is this early political party did not form out of a passing distrust of Freemasonry, but rather from a tragedy that is today known as The Morgan Affair.  At the center, William Morgan, was a man of many trades with a reputation that preceded him, and it is from that reputation that the door of Masonry was darkened. What led up to the Morgan Affair necessitates us to answer the question:

William Morgan and the rise of the Anti Masonic Party
William Morgan and the rise of the Anti Masonic Party

Was William Morgan Murdered by Masons?

This question is an important one, as in the years following his death American Masonry plummeted nearly to extinction because of his mysterious disappearance.  To be a Mason, then, was to be a pariah in society and whose disappearance still ripples in present day conspiracy circles around the world.

In this episode of Masonic Central, we talk with Stephen Dafoe, the author of the new book Morgan: The Scandal That Shook Freemasonry as we explore the Masonic cold case murder of William Morgan and explore the “who, what, and why” of this tragic (and momentous) event that became a fire brand to the fraternity and the rally cry to the Anti Masonic Party.

This is a special hour and a half long program aired on Masonic Central on Sunday June 14, 2009.

Also Read: The Lie Rob Morris Told on the aftermath and conspiracy of the William Morgan murder.

Masonic Central Podcast

Timothy Hogan


Freemasonry and the Qabbalah have a tacit relationship.  In many deep philosophical discussions, the two often come up as being interrelated but just as often leave the conversation without a clear connection defined.  As a Mason, we can start to study where the Jewish Mysticism has been woven in, but without a deep degree of study and practice, the two still seem as distant as night and day.

On this episode of Masonic Central, our guest Timothy Hogan joins us to talk about this mysticism and help us join some of the loose threads the three degrees with the various paths and points on the Tree of Life.

Hogan is the author of the new book The 32 Secret Paths of Solomon: A New Examination of the Qabbalah in Freemasonry which is a new examination of Kabbalah and its interconnectivity with Freemasonry.  In it, he demonstrates how there are different interpretations of Freemasonry that can be found in the Sephirot and Paths, exploring Gematria and Masonic ritual.

It stands to be an interesting exploration and one sure to enlighten as much as it leaves us wanting to know more.

The program was recorded Sunday May 31, 2009.

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You can find the book The 32 Secret Paths of Solomon: A New Examination of the Qabbalah in Freemasonry on Amazon!

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Conspiracies’ R Us Sunday on Masonic Central!

The All Seeing Eye

The All Seeing Eye

Is it the Illuminati?  What about Skull and Bones?  I’ve heard about those Bilderbergs, and what’s up with the owl on the dollar bill?  Its that Bohemian Grove isn’t it?  Its those Freemasons isn’t it?

This Sunday, we are going to get to the bottom of all those conspiracy theories, as only the Freemason’s know how, buy diving in feet first and taking them on one buy one.

Join us this Sunday, May 17th, for “THE TRUTH” on conspiracy theories with past guest and “mysterious shadow master” Brother Chris Hodapp, author of Freemasons For Dummies, and Conspiracy Theories & Secret Societies For Dummies, and the “Masonic tin foil cap wearing Grand Hierophant of Denver Airport” Tom Acousti.

With the Illuminati back in the news with the release of Angels and Demons, we wanted to get to the bottom of all of these pervasive conspiracy theories that seem to keep popping up, and what better way to do it than on a Masonic Interweb show!

Were not just going to take Geronimo’s skull out of the closet, we really want to get to theskull-and-bones bottom of why these ideas exist, who their greatest proponents are, and if in the information age they can stand the test of common sense.

The Freemasons, the Illuminati, Skull and Bones, Trilateral Commission, The Bilderberg Group, Bohemian Grove…

Well, we all know that the Freemasons are behind it, right?

Are there really any conspiracies out there that are seriously bent on control of the world?

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Masonic Central podcast

Br. Christopher Allan Knowles – author & publisher

Join us for an exciting evening of murder, mystery, and intrigue as we are joined by Brother Christopher Knowles who is the author of “Murder in Georgetown Lodge: Prelude to Armageddon“(print), “Murder in Sugarbush Lodge: A Study in Brotherhood(print)”, and “Murder in Martha’s Vineyard Lodge: A Masonic Allegory” (available on Amazon Kindle).

What makes this so exciting is that the book sare works of Masonic fiction, a vein of Freemasonry little seen in today in Masonic literature.

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The stories are without a doubt fiction, but every bit intrigue and “who done it”.  And what makes this series so interesting is that it explores the realm of the Masonic “what if”  as the possibilities unfold of what brotherhood could be called to task for.

And, as most of these editions are books in Amazon Kindle editions, it gives us a unique chance to talk about publishing for the new millennium in e-editions.

Join us this Sunday at Masonic Central on Blog Talk Radio at 9pm EST / 6pm PST.  To listen to the show live, you can stream it from FreemasonInformation.com on our player widget or from the Masonic Central Home on Blog Talk Radio!

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Ordo Templi Orientis – Frater Hrumachis

Ordo Templi Orientis logo

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Join Greg and Dean in this episode, recorded on April 26, 2009, as they delve into the distant cousin of Freemasonry—the OTO. For the show, they’re joined by Frater Hrumachis who was the Former Public Information Officer for the U.S. Grand Lodge of the Ordo Templi Orientis.

This was a particularly rough episode, for a variety of reasons. On its surface, the episode had more than a few audio issues (sorry for all the popping). This was also a hard subject to explore for the hosts. I’ll let you listen to see how that evolved in the show. And then this was one of those “lost” episodes that only resurfaced a decade after it was recorded.

We plan to discuss the Order’s history including its early Masonic roots in European Freemasonry as well as the Order’s  modern operations of philosophy and its path of esoterica and fraternity under the teachings of Thelema.

Most importantly, we want to explore what the Thelemic practice is, what it isn’t, and why its relevant to the OTO and how it applies to each of us.

This subject came to mind as I had the unique opportunity recently to attend a Gnostic Mass with LVX Lodge of the O.T.O. a short time back. The mass is presented as an open ceremony that is the public face to the orders otherwise private activities.

For those unfamiliar with the O.T.O., it is a separate philosophical system from Freemasonry whose origins are tied to some late 19th century founder, Karl Kellner, who had feet firmly planted in Freemasonry. In Kellner’s original formulation, the O.T.O. was to serve as a Masonic Academy of sorts that would enable all Freemasons to become familiar with all of the Masonic degrees.

In lieu of a broader exploration, essentially the Ordo Templi Orientis (Order of Oriental Templars) was an esoteric order founded on the idea of re-instilling the esoteric ideas of magik (self development, not hocus pocus) and mysticism into a system that at that time had essentially excised out most of its esoteric leanings. Essentially, it formed and took shape in the absence of these things in the preeminent system of the age, especially as Aleister Crowley took over after his introduction to it in 1910.

It seems to me that in its original context this system was it adopted as a similar practice of the craft and only later did it evolve into their present participatory rites.

I think we may be surprised how many similarities we share and the few differences between one another.  For those who have never before heard of the OTO, this program will be an excellent primer to open that door, and for those who have crossed paths with the order,  this will be an excellent rediscovery of a past member of the Masonic family and put to rest some of the misconceptions that may exist.

More on the Ordo Templi Orientis:

John Nagy on the book “Building Hiram” Sunday April 19th.

Building Hiram - Uncommon Catechism for Uncommon Masonic Education by John Nagy

Join us on this episode of Masonic Central as we meet and talk with Brother John Nagy who is the author of the new book “Building Hiram – Uncommon Catechism for Uncommon Masonic Education“.

This new book is a feast for any Mason wanting to embark on a most Uncommon Masonic Education experience. “Building Hiram – Uncommon Catechism for Uncommon Masonic Education” is 12 unique catechisms designed to bring about a deeper understanding of the connections provided throughout the three degree rituals, lectures, and catechisms. Intended to be read one chapter at a time over the course of a year to elicit discussion and reflection on the degrees and their meaning.

Join us as we talk with Br. Nagy and talk about the how this book came about and why its so important to Masonry today.

And, if were not careful, we may learn a thing or two…

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Martin Faulks of Lewis Masonic

logoThis week on Masonic Central, we have the chance to talk to Martin Faulks who is the colorful and vibrant marketing director of Lewis Masonic publishing.

Join us as we welcome him to the program to talk about the Masonic publishing business (and Lewis Masonic),  English Masonry, his work with Lewis and the art of esoteric literature, and life as the “Masonic Ninja”.

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Lewis Masonic was founded in 1801, and is the largest and oldest Masonic publisher in the world. Well-known to the English Freemasons, Lewis produces many of the ritual books used by United Grand Lodge of England lodges and Holy Royal Arch Chapters. Lewis is today opening up shop here in the American market with a new on line store featuring their exciting collection.  you can find the U.S. store at LewisMasonic.us.

Its sure to be a fun conversation and insightful in all things Masonic with maybe a bit of conversation about ninja throwing stars…

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Greg – Masonic Central!

ituneshowtoI just tested it on a 2nd machine, and it comes up, as well as had Dean test from Halifax (CA) earlier today, and he was able to pull it up.  So the show is there, waiting to be found!