Reviews of books, movies and websites in and around the Masonic nexus.

American Freemasonry – The Noble Goal

Historian Alain de Keghel talks about American Freemasonry as it relates to the rest of the world. Read More

Footsteps of the Gods

Having just finished Graham Hancock’s Fingerprints of the Gods and Magicians of the Gods, I feel as though I’ve been… Read More

Building Janus

Building Janus is another catechism primer from Coach John Nagy. Building Janus is where the Master Mason builds insight. Nagy… Read More

Manly P. Hall – Freemason and Philosopher

Manly P. Hall, 33º Scottish Rite Freemason, raised November 22, 1954, passed to the celestial lodge 1990. The true Mason… Read More

Building Hiram

I recently completed digesting Dr. John Nagy’s book Building Hiram. It is another in a series of Catechism Primer formats… Read More

Building Athens

A book review by Wor. Bro. Frederic L. Milliken Coach John Nagy has written a most important book for the… Read More

A Masonic Journey

I have read many a Masonic book in my time. Some of them are so complicated, grandiose and difficult to… Read More

Finding El Dorado

First-time author, Mason Pratt, brings to life a story of personal growth and mentorship. Read about the world's best kept hidden… Read More

Building Free Men

A book review by Frederic L. Milliken   “ Do men exist who cannot see Past Surfaces? Ritual repeatedly tells us… Read More

The Craft Unmasked

A book review by Frederic L. Milliken From the day I was raised 26 years ago I have always heard that… Read More