Glenn Beck – The Illuminati is going to off him…

Chris Hodapp over on Freemasons for Dummies does a terrific job of capturing the exchange of Glenn Beck and David Barton, from the Wallbuilders ministry organization, on the Fox News Channel in an exchange over the Founding Fathers and Freemasonry.

As Br. Chris captures the exchange perfectly, there seemed to be more misinformation given than factual info.  See for yourself in this clip from the program.

I won’t get into the facts of the program, but as discussed by Barton such as Washington’s sincerity in Masonry, his lodge activity, or the difference between American and European Masonry at the time.  One document I will point you towards is The Origin of Freemasonry written by a contemporary of Washington, one amongst the pantheon of founding fathers, Thomas Paine.  I’m sure Barton may glean much from this short work.


As for Beck, if you haven’t’ paid close attention to his program lately, he has laid a foundation of the Founding Fathers atop the gestalt of Faith, Hope, and Charity even promoting it so far as to create his own university of the triumvirate as the great virtues.  Samuel Adams as Faith, George Washington as Hope, and Franklin as Charity which unmistakably two of the three were prominent Freemasons, one of whom was a Grand Master of Freemasons in Pennsylvania in 1734.

But, to Beck, the principals of Faith, hope, and Charity (as seen on these products) are the principals that, he says, are Christian principals which Beck has tied to American Principals and supports with the edifice of the founding fathers.  He’s developed it to a point that he’s formed his own Beck University to impart them.  While the ideas behind these great social virtues are rightly extolled, what Beck missed is that Faith, Hope, and Charity were ideas adopted into Freemasonry as three tenants by which the Mason were to strive for, but not I would argue, in the way Beck suggests.

Faith – a faith in the divine, the Great Architect, the primitive idea of deity that all men can agree, founded on the Golden Rule, the principal of Do unto others as you would have done to you.

Hope – As an idea that stretches into antiquity as an evil released from Pandora’s Box which entered the world to torment man.

Charity – Is a simple idea that translates to the agape styled love, a fraternal brotherly love towards mankind, which facilitates the other two.

These are three subjects I cover in much greater detail in the book Masonic Traveler.

So, if Beck and Barton won’t brush up on their Masonic history maybe you can help let him know and send him an email to with your thoughts about it.

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A devoted student of the Western Mystery Traditions, Greg is a firm believer in the Masonic connections to the Hermetic traditions of antiquity, its evolution through the ages and into its present configuration as the antecedent to all contemporary esoteric and occult traditions. He is a self-called searcher for that which was lost, a Hermetic Hermit and a believer in “that which is above is so too below.” Read more about Greg Stewart.


  1. Frankly, Beck looked skeptical of Barton’s answers, and clearly felt like he was on too shaky ground to openly question him. Barton lost what few shreds of credibility he was tenuously clinging to with this exchange. Feel free to let the “research department” at Wallbuilders know that Barton needs to go back to school on the Freemasons, at

    As always, when writing as a Mason, be truthful, factually correct, and polite. But you know that already.

  2. Why would the iluminati off one of the best guy in the biz that’s swaying people back to bullshit by imitating the honest alternative journalists? And by the way… Why has Beck been seen in public repeatedly wearing Mason garbage?

  3. @Heretikos:
    Beck is now comfortable enough to wear these Masonic badges because he has already swayed a large populace to his way of thinking, and now has to show his Illuminati brotherhood what he has achieved for them.

    Remember, Beck’s boss is Rupert Murdock. Perhaps THE MOST influencial, high-ranking Mason in all of mainstream media. Why would a Freemason like Murdock allow Beck to trash the NWO agenda in ways that he has done and mock Obama & preach blackboard theories as he has, if he wasn’t mixing in more propaganda? Beck would have been “offed” before he could get his pants on in the morning. No, he is doing their bidding, and quite well I might add.

    Think about it: Beck accuses the country of being dummied-down all these decades by a failing public school system and the likes of Frances Fox Piven, teachers unions, etal. Those theories are probably more true than not. But, then he stands there and re-educates those same imbeciles watching his show who know nothing of real history, (because they never learned it before), but now HE IS GOING TO ENLIGHTEN EVERYONE. Those viewers (except my type) have nothing by which to compare past and present to because they never learned it in the first place. So now Beck gives them his version and tells them it is the real traditional truth. The rats (the viewers) follow the Pied Piper (Beck) into the water, and they drown themselves. He mixes a little bad with a little good because “just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, in the most delightful way.” Sandwich a lie between 2 truths, and everyone will believe it?

    Masons are so arrogant that once they achieve a place of importance or accomplishment, they mark themselves with symbols, hand signs, hand shakes, jewelry, license plates, anything they can put their symbolism on, to prove to the brotherhood that the agenda is being finalized. It is like waving, “Look over here boys, here I am, look what I did, and it’s all for you — Satan.” Satan marks his people the same way God marks His people….

    Beck is a Mormon. Mormonism is based on Freemasonry. That is fact! You will read stories that the Mormons have tried to disassociate themselves from that, but it is there, always was, always will be, and is the foundation of their beliefs….I have to admit, the Masons found a great one in Beck, and a good crier too right into the tv camera. (Looks like John Boehner picked up on that little ditty and found it worked for him too.) Just remember, most all these guys are in Freemasonry in one form or another. If they are associated with the brotherhood, they are bad. Period…..

    Another one who does this very proficiently is Ron Paul. Sounds great on the outside of everything he says pretty much. Comes down to it, he is a Freemason to the core, and will flash you the double hand signal any chance he gets, from the podium, getting out of a limo, you name it.

    We are the fools, not them. This is the great delusion St. Paul spoke of in 2 Thessalonians 2, in which God states that He will send us a great delusion so as to believe the lie. The lies here are getting so great, you cannot tell what is good or bad. Only if you stay close to God and read Scripture and pray for discernment, will you understand.

  4. Annmarie: What a silly deluded piece of garbage it is that you have just posted. If anything, you betray a lack of knowledge and a prejudice founded on ignorance. You know nothing of which you speak and you project satan from your own character. The essence of Masonry is for me, and for others like me, to know in reality. You, on the other hand, will never know; but never let that stop you from spouting absolute dishonest drivel.

  5. Annemarie is spot on… I was one of those people too, unfortunately it took me 10 years to figure it out.

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