Harm Timmerman, Composer of The Temple of Humanity

templeThis Sunday, March 29th, we are jumping the pond again to welcome our special guest from the Netherlands composer and Producer Harm Timmerman from Free Stone Music, the creator of the Masonicly inspired CD “The Temple of Humanity“.

Missed the live show?  Listen to it Now!

The CD is self-described as The “Music of Freemasonry” and having listened to it several times already I would tend to agree. But this isn’t the usual high-pitched organ grind or the occulted “Magic Flute”  of past generations, no, this music reaches out and becomes part of the spirit of the tiled Masonic lodge room and carries the listener into the sublime meditative state that we each strive to inhabit when contemplating the degrees.

This is just a sampling of the stunning Music on this album.

Look for us this Sundays, March 29th, at 6PM PST/9PM EST.

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And, check back soon as some of the details of the program may change preceding the on-air portion.

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