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We’ve all heard the saying “Music calms the savage beast,” but it can also warm the Freemasons heart. This interview goes all the way back to January of 2009 where Dean and I had the pleasure of interviewing Howie Damron. A decade on and his name might not resonate the way it did then, but if you’re a mason I would bet you’ve probably heard one of his tunes. And just like his songs, his stories are engrossing. And even though this story is recording is several years old, Howie’s stories still have the power to hypnotize.

Join Dean and Greg in this Episode from Sunday, January 25, 2009, as we host singer/song writer and musician Howie Damron to talk about his moving musical contribution to the spirit of Freemasonry, his work with the Masonic Pride Team, and the Masonic anthem “Hiram’s Call” and “The Masonic Ring!”

If you haven’t heard this music before, you won’t soon forget it after this program.

From his website (now offline):

“He is of little ambition that chooses to do no good that will last beyond his own life.”

Words that Howie Damron has allowed to guide his entire life and career. Since he received his first guitar at the early age of eight music has not just been part of his life but has been his life. His travels and adventures has reached areas that are unreachable for most and where many others have quit his determination and perseverance has lead him on a life that most only dream of. He’s worked with over 100 major Nashville Artists and has performed on just about every stage there is across the country and ended up with his own show in Las Vegas.

Once named National/ International Ambassador of Scottish Rite and Blue Lodge Freemasonry and his albums “Hiram’s Call” and “The Masonic Touch” being shipped worldwide.

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