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Masonic Top Hats

The top hat is a type of chapeau worn prominently by men in the latter part of the 18th century up until around the middle part of the 20th century. Commonly seen as a symbol of the upper class, it is perhaps most notably observed as a symbol of Victorian age capitalists.

Mackey, in his Encyclopedia of Freemasonry says of hats, in general:

To uncover the head in the presence of superiors has been, among all Christian nations, held as a mark of respect and reverence. The Eastern nations uncover the feet when they enter a place of worship; the Western uncover the head. The converse of this is also true; and to keep the head covered while all around are uncovered is a token of superiority of rank or office. The king remains covered, the courtiers standing around him take off their hats.

This may be part of the meaning behind the Worshipful Master of the lodge wearing of a top hats.

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