Canopy of Heaven | Symbols and Symbolism

A clouded horizon and starry field of shimmering twilight jewels are often the embelishments aloft above the altar of a… Read More

The Last Degree

As I entered the Lodge room sightless I heard the most beautiful music I had ever heard.  It was not… Read More

I Had a Dream

I had a dream not long ago.  And in that dream I passed to the Celestial Lodge above where I… Read More

A Victim of Biblical Karma

In the Entered Apprentice degree, the new Masonic initiate is taught about Jacob's Ladder and how it applies to Masonic… Read More

The Habitation of The Grand Architect

a poem by Bro. Rev. J. Gierlow From The Masonic Mirror, October, 1872 God dwells in light! Before the ocean… Read More

The Vast Indifference of Heaven

“We contemplate eternity beneath the vast indifference of heaven.” -Warren Zevon My favorite songwriter of all time is the late… Read More