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Timothy Hogan


Freemasonry and the Qabbalah have a tacit relationship.  In many deep philosophical discussions, the two often come up as being interrelated but just as often leave the conversation without a clear connection defined.  As a Mason, we can start to study where the Jewish Mysticism has been woven in, but without a deep degree of study and practice, the two still seem as distant as night and day.

On this episode of Masonic Central, our guest Timothy Hogan joins us to talk about this mysticism and help us join some of the loose threads the three degrees with the various paths and points on the Tree of Life.

Hogan is the author of the new book The 32 Secret Paths of Solomon: A New Examination of the Qabbalah in Freemasonry which is a new examination of Kabbalah and its interconnectivity with Freemasonry.  In it, he demonstrates how there are different interpretations of Freemasonry that can be found in the Sephirot and Paths, exploring Gematria and Masonic ritual.

It stands to be an interesting exploration and one sure to enlighten as much as it leaves us wanting to know more.

The program was recorded Sunday May 31, 2009.

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You can find the book The 32 Secret Paths of Solomon: A New Examination of the Qabbalah in Freemasonry on Amazon!

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Conspiracies’ R Us Sunday on Masonic Central!

The All Seeing Eye

The All Seeing Eye

Is it the Illuminati?  What about Skull and Bones?  I’ve heard about those Bilderbergs, and what’s up with the owl on the dollar bill?  Its that Bohemian Grove isn’t it?  Its those Freemasons isn’t it?

This Sunday, we are going to get to the bottom of all those conspiracy theories, as only the Freemason’s know how, buy diving in feet first and taking them on one buy one.

Join us this Sunday, May 17th, for “THE TRUTH” on conspiracy theories with past guest and “mysterious shadow master” Brother Chris Hodapp, author of Freemasons For Dummies, and Conspiracy Theories & Secret Societies For Dummies, and the “Masonic tin foil cap wearing Grand Hierophant of Denver Airport” Tom Acousti.

With the Illuminati back in the news with the release of Angels and Demons, we wanted to get to the bottom of all of these pervasive conspiracy theories that seem to keep popping up, and what better way to do it than on a Masonic Interweb show!

Were not just going to take Geronimo’s skull out of the closet, we really want to get to theskull-and-bones bottom of why these ideas exist, who their greatest proponents are, and if in the information age they can stand the test of common sense.

The Freemasons, the Illuminati, Skull and Bones, Trilateral Commission, The Bilderberg Group, Bohemian Grove…

Well, we all know that the Freemasons are behind it, right?

Are there really any conspiracies out there that are seriously bent on control of the world?

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Br. Peter Millheiser Editor of the Hibiscus Masonic Review

hibiscus_journal_largeIn this episode, we speak with Br. Peter Millheiser, who is the editor of the Hibiscus Masonic Review Journal, which is a publication of Hibiscus Masonic Lodge N. 275, in Coral Gables, under the Grand Lodge of Florida.

In the conversation, we will talk about the journal, how it came to be published, why it was necessary, and what makes its content so unique.

As the editor, Peter is the Masonic Education Chairman of the Hibiscus Shrine Fellowship Club, that publishes the quarterly journal.  But once you delve further below the surface of this printed book is a solid design of education, fraternity, and an insight for the future of Freemasonry.

The goal of the work, and the discussion, is to bring the spiritual feeling back into the lodge, back into our education, and talk about that in the program.

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Masonic Central Podcast

Masonic Historian Margaret C. Jacob

masonic central

In this episode of Masonic Central, recorded on March 15, 2009, UCLA Professor Margaret C. Jacob explors with us how she became the eminent scholar of Freemasonry that she is today. In that conversation, we look behind the veil of time to learn from her about the early origins of the craft, its present, and future of Freemasonry. This was a unique opportunity to hear from the top American scholar on the subject, and a program I strongly recommend that you listen to. Give a listen to this 2009 interview with Dr. Jacob and decide for yourself how far Freemasonry has stretched from the armchair historian into scholarly academia.

Some say that history is written by the victors. That triumphs are in fact triumphant, and the losses are only momentary set backs in a progressive path to the eventual story that you read in the history books.

But at times some histories run concurrently with others, and that there isn’t really a victor or vanquished, but instead parallel paths where points merge and blend together. Freemasonry, it would seem, is just one of these histories where its various paths of existence seem to weave in and out of society and with other branches of itself.

Dr. Margaret C. Jacob

For many years the fraternity has sprouted its own cadre of story tellers, its own historians.  From Anderson’s early mythologies of its existence, to Yarker and Pike to name only a few, none have ever really stepped out of the box to understand the intricate workings as it relates to society.  Robinson tried to do some justice, as did Ridley in his historical work, but neither brought the study of the Freemasons out of the realm of the speculative and in to academia, at least not in any meaningful way.

It wasn’t until the last decade or two that the study of Freemasonry took on a more meaningful study where today the craft stands at a turning point in the broader study of civil society. At the helm of that change is the scholarship of UCLA professor, Dr. Margaret C. Jacob.

Jacob, at the time of the interview, was one of the eminent scholars of Freemasonry, studying the role of the fraternity looking for its context within the world it inhabited. One of the interesting subjects covered was the Masonic ephemera horde amassed by the Nazis in WWII, and confiscated by Russian allied troops and taken back to Moscow and recovered in the post Cold War era, a topic Jaconb covers in her book Strangers Nowhere in the World.

Masonry still has its arm chair and library historians, but Dr. Jacob has elevated the speculative history of our gentle craft to the hallowed halls of the university, and its from this study that our understanding of the fraternity today has far exceeding beyond what our understanding was of it before.

In the episode we talk about:

You can read more on Dr. Jacob on her UCLA biography.

Works concerning Freemasonry by Dr. Margaret C. Jacob:

James Wasserman, the author of “The Secrets of Masonic Washington”

Join us this Sunday, February 15th, as we speak with James Wasserman, the author of “The Secrets of Masonic Washington” and compiler of the book “The Mystery Traditions – Secret Symbols and Sacred Art”. James is the author , editor, designer and producer of a number of acclaimed works in the fields of religion, esoteric philosophy, art, symbolism, and history.

It will be an interesting conversation about symbolism, the esoteric, and the mystery traditions that carry these ideas forward, including Freemasonry.

The program starts at 6pm PST / 9pm EST on

For more information on Mr. Wasserman, visit:

To purchase his books go to where all books purchased are signed by the author.
Join us for the live program this Sunday at 6pm PST on Talkshoe!

Maja D’Aoust from the Philosophical Research Society

Join us on Masonic Central this Sunday, February 8th, as we speak to Maja D’Aoust who is the Librarian of the Philosophical Research Society in Los Angeles, California.

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Our program will cover a range of topics including Hermetics, Freemasonry, the occult , astrology, religious and scientific disciplines and her unique role as caretaker of the libraries massive collection of more than 30,000 items collected by the society and its founder Manly P. Hall.

The Philosophical Research Society is a nonprofit organization founded in 1934 by for the purpose of providing thoughtful persons rare access to the depth and breadth of the world’s wisdom literature.

This will be an excellent program and one not to miss as we delve into the esoteric of yesterday and the role of the philosophic in the future.

For more information on the Philosophical Research Society visit

The program will record live Sunday, 6pm PST / 9pm EST on the only radio program for Freemasons by Freemasons, Masonic Central.

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Tech Talk with guest Mark Menard and Tim Bryce

Masonic Central Tech Talk with guest Mark Menard and Tim Bryce.

I know were up against the Super Bowl but this will be a great show to sneak away from the TV for a bit and give it a listen to. Were talking Masonic data management 2.0.

We have as our guest Br. Mark Menard who was raised in 1995, and has since held a variety of positions in lodge as well as become the go to IT man for a variety of lodge and Grand Lodge projects.

Missed the live Podcast?  Listen to the show now!

Two key projects that we plan to discuss are the Masonic MORI application, which is a web-based full suite Lodge and Grand Lodge tool to administration tool presently in use by in 5 states in north America. And, his Masonic Wiki project Masonicapedia which is a combined wiki and member database to include membership information and and other general data on the fraternity. One interesting idea behind the application is its database of past Masons compiling data from every state back to the beginnings of the fraternity in America.

Both of these subjects will be great discussion points, as well of as our usual collection of cool new apps tales from the digital wonderland.

The program will record live Sunday, 6pm PST / 9pm EST on the only radio program for Freemasons by Freemasons, Masonic Central.

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Masonic Central Podcast

Howie Damron on Masonic Central

We’ve all heard the saying “Music calms the savage beast,” but it can also warm the Freemasons heart. This interview goes all the way back to January of 2009 where Dean and I had the pleasure of interviewing Howie Damron. A decade on and his name might not resonate the way it did then, but if you’re a mason I would bet you’ve probably heard one of his tunes. And just like his songs, his stories are engrossing. And even though this story is recording is several years old, Howie’s stories still have the power to hypnotize.

Join Dean and Greg in this Episode from Sunday, January 25, 2009, as we host singer/song writer and musician Howie Damron to talk about his moving musical contribution to the spirit of Freemasonry, his work with the Masonic Pride Team, and the Masonic anthem “Hiram’s Call” and “The Masonic Ring!”

If you haven’t heard this music before, you won’t soon forget it after this program.

From his website (now offline):

“He is of little ambition that chooses to do no good that will last beyond his own life.”

Words that Howie Damron has allowed to guide his entire life and career. Since he received his first guitar at the early age of eight music has not just been part of his life but has been his life. His travels and adventures has reached areas that are unreachable for most and where many others have quit his determination and perseverance has lead him on a life that most only dream of. He’s worked with over 100 major Nashville Artists and has performed on just about every stage there is across the country and ended up with his own show in Las Vegas.

Once named National/ International Ambassador of Scottish Rite and Blue Lodge Freemasonry and his albums “Hiram’s Call” and “The Masonic Touch” being shipped worldwide.

More on Howie Damron:

Morals and Dogma in the 21st Century

Missed the live pod cast?  Listen to it Now!

Join us as we talk to the authors and editors from Stone Guild Publishing about their recent release of the the book Morals & Dogma for the 21st Century which is the only edition that is not abridged, a digest, or an editorial commentary of the original book.

The program starts at 6pm PST on Masonic Central! Be a part of our special in studio audience and participate with the LIVE program on talkshoe!