Mutual Intervisitation in Texas

Grand Lodge of Texas AF & AM Grand Session 2005
Grand Lodge of Texas AF & AM Grand Session 2005

Intervisitation with The Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Texas has just been approved by the Grand Lodge of Texas on Saturday December 6, 2014 at 12 Noon. The Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Texas approved the same in its mid-winter Grand Session in November. The two Grand Lodges have been under mutual recognition without visitation for a number of years. Now that cross visitation has been approved by both parties it is a reality.

Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge Of Texas Grand Lodge Building
Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge Of Texas Grand Lodge Building

The two Texas Grand Lodges signed a compact of mutual recognition on April 23, 2007 but without cross visitation. So for the past seven years Freemasons from one Grand Lodge could not attend the Communications of the other Grand Lodge.

This is all water over the dam now. A new day has dawned and a new era of brotherly love and affection has begun.

Most Worshipful Jerry L. Martin Grand Lodge of Texas AF & AM
Most Worshipful Jerry L. Martin Grand Lodge of Texas AF & AM
Honorable Wilbert M. Curtis, Grand Master of the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Texas
Honorable Wilbert M. Curtis, Grand Master of the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Texas
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Fred is a Past Master of Plymouth Lodge, Plymouth Massachusetts, and Past Master of Paul Revere Lodge, Brockton, Massachusetts. Presently, he is a member of Pride of Mt. Pisgah No. 135, Prince Hall Texas, where is he is also a Prince Hall Knight Templar . Fred is a Fellow of the Phylaxis Society and Executive Director of the Phoenix Masonry website and museum.


  1. This was passed by the Grand Lodge of Texas in a very underhanded way. It was not published that a vote would be taken on this matter, and it was taken up on Saturday afternoon after most of the members had left. The way I see this it is a violation of masonic law, if not it certainly is a violation of the obligations we all took at the alter.

  2. It was announced in our lodge in the stated meeting 2 weeks before the Grand Lodge met. Our WM read the resolutions and as a lodge we voted on how we would like our lodge to vote.

  3. This was an underhanded deal dealt under the table. I have now no confidence or respect for the Grand Lodge.

  4. As a fifth generation mason live under the obligation’s we all took. All Grand Lodge officer’s and sympathizer’s go to Prince Hall lodge’s and leave Texas masonry alone.

  5. I am sorry to disagree, but it is about time the Grand Lodge made this move. Prince Hall was recognized in 2007. It was only logical to allow visitation rights.. We need to get along and stop this divisiveness.

  6. Should not have been voted on in the manner it was. In my town I know several Prince Hall masons and know their reputation and criminal history. I’m not sure we will welcome them into all our lodges with open arms.

  7. @ Randy Stubblefield…I am left to assume that ALL members of your Lodge are perceived to be of solid character and of good report?

    Whether it’s judicial or concerning the court of public opinion, I’m most certain that you’ll discover quite a few imperfect stones!

    As for the move to allow intervisitation in Texas – hats off!!

    From a historical point of view, I’m almost certain the that formation of the PH Grand Lodge pre-dates that of its mainstream colleague…and however disheartening it may be, it’s good to finally witness the death of the arrogance and overconfidence of the select few who comport themselves as superior.

    Being from Florida, I’m far too familiar with the unpleasant attitudes that exist within our Great Fraternity.

    Progress cannot be impeded…change is constant…and death is inevitable…

    A new day is on the Eastern horizon!

  8. Some of us have long known the truth about Prince Hall & the Lodges he founded, and have waited too long for this to happen. As a native-born Texan & a Texas affiliated Mason, I’m proud that we are closer than ever to Universal Brotherhood. As a Louisiana Past Master, I regret we still have more work to do. To my Brethren who believe this matter was handled improperly, you are under no obligation to visit a Prince Hall Lodge – nor is your W.M. obliged to admit visitors from another Grand Lodge. This was passed in a legal Grand Lodge session & will not be reversed even if – by some remote chance – propriety suggests that a revote is in order.
    The fact remains that Prince Hall Masonry has long been regular & is now officially recognized as such, and we are finally free to share Masonic Communication with our Prince Hall Brethren. To my Brethren who still believe Prince Hall Masonry is clandestine, you should please become informed, accept the truth, overcome your stubbornness, and make room in your hearts for fraternal love. Otherwise, you might reflect on what Masonry means to you, then consider finding your form of Masonry in one of the many truly clandestine groups.

  9. Like Sam Cooke said :Change is going to come” it has and its great. Lets all act like we say who we are, Masons.

  10. At last the barriers that have separated us as Brothers begin to dissolve. This will strengthen our beloved Fraternity. Most other states are well ahead of Texas, they have combined installations, dinners and other activities. Be informed – do your research! Prince Hall African Lodge #1 was chartered by the Grand Lodge of England – (Our Mother Grand Lodge) September 20, 1784. Prince Hall was made a Provincial Grand Master January 27, 1791.

  11. I applaud the grand lodge of texas on this! change has to come, Prince Hall freemasonry is regular in every sense of the word. In fact the Prince Hall grand lodge of massachusetts still has the original charter sent from england. Anyone with any ounce of intelligence can search the origin of Prince Hall and see the truth. so instead of worrying about not knowing about the inter visitation, worry about living up to what we as masons say we are supposed to be, because racism, bigotry and prejudice are not masonic principles. With the recognition of Prince Hall we as masons can focus on the real clandestine groups who try and pass off as Prince Hall masons

  12. And what did the Master say to the Junior Deacon in the second section of the Master’s degree? Something about first lessons, external, internal, and some other stuff that some of us actually believe.

  13. So what does it take for a member of the Canyon City Lodge #730 AF&AM to visit on his own a meeting of the local Prince Hall in Amarillo?

  14. Send your request to your Grand Secretary on the form supplied by your Grand Lodge. Your Grand Secretary will contact the Prince Hall Grand Secretary who will contact the Worshipful Master and then everything will turn around and come back to you with an answer.

  15. I just took my first step in masonry. I am Caucasian and I am prince hall from the mother district of Massachusetts Union lodge #4. I am prince hall I am not PHA.. I AM TAKING MY OBIGATION SERIOUSLY. WE are all brothers and on the level correct. I wanted to be a Mason for this reason. It’s a shame this is still an issue .I read this article thinking yes finally another ground leveled. A new cornerstone set for brothers and fellows to meet. I’m hoping to be raised before this summer 2017. I’m going to make it a point to bring my passport and meet a many and worthy brothers. So mote it be
    Rev. Deane R. Majndle

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