Famous Freemasons

Perhaps a misnomer, men are not famous for being Freemasons, as the fraternity is not a thing to create notoriety. It does, however, attract men of greatness and aspiration, which in time leads them to fame. One thing is sure, the fraternity of Freemasonry is an inspirational subject whose philosophy lends itself to progress, democracy, responsibility, motivation, and education, and these are each hallmarks of great men. Some past famous masons include George Washington, John Wayne, Buzz Aldrin and Winston Churchill, and many others. In this section, we present a few of the notable Masonic brethren.

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U.S. Masonic Presidents

Only a few of the men to occupy the oval office were Freemasons. Some were, perhaps, the most influential men of their age.

Founding Fathers

Only a small number of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were Freemasons, yet the hold a special place in the pantheon of American Freemasonry.

Masonic Astronauts

A few of the astronauts in the American space program shared the fraternal mystic tie.

Famous Freemasons in History

A short list of famous individuals in history who happened to also be Freemasons.

Five Infamous Masons

Not a rouges gallery, these are some of the little known contributors to history who also happened to be Freemasons.


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