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What are the core principals of Freemasonry?  Beyond the answer of it being a Fraternity of men who meet together monthly, Freemasonry is a system of allegory and symbol arranged in peculiar fashion to convey a unique yet particular message.  Some condemn Masonry by claiming it as a religion.  In some respect their claim is true, in that the fraternity does act to bring a tradition forward like a religion, but in fact practices no specific faith. The uniting idea behind the fraternity is a faith in the divine founded in the certitude in something greater than the self.  Other lessons include morality lessons, personal development, and community and group involvement.

This section attempts to explore these ideas and look into these aspects of the fraternity by exploration of the symbols, tools, organization, and ideas of the Ancient Fraternity of Freemasonry.

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Tracing Boards

freemasonry1st Degree Tracing Board

The work above is a modern representation of the first degree tracing boards of old. It is filled with metaphor and symbolism, fluent to all master masons.


freemasonry22nd Degree Tracing Board

The work above is a modern representation of the second degree tracing boards of old. It is filled with metaphor and symbolism, fluent to all Fellowcraft Masons.


freemasonry_third_degree_tracingboard3rd Degree Tracing Board

The work above is a modern representation of the third degree tracing boards of old. It is filled with metaphor and symbolism, fluent to all master masons.



Laudable Pursuit

by The Knights of the North
Written as a response to the Masonic corpus of the 21st Century, the body of wisdom and message conveyed is relevant and important to every Freemason today. Read with an eye towards the future, the text will speak volumes to the younger members, and should ring a clarion call to all of the membership.

Curious Masonic Words

Freemasonry has many curiosities, and indeed, many mysteries as yet unsolved. Among the former are several often-misunderstood words with odd or involved meanings…

Buffalo Soldiers

Prince Hall Freemasonry from its inception has played a major role is sustaining Black America. Nowhere is this more evident than in the wars fought by Blacks for America……the Black soldier brought with him not only his religion and his desire for true freedom, but his Masonry as well.”

Memento Mori

Every life, beginning with every birth, is a death foretold. Forgive me for talking about such a morbid subject; death is hardly a topic to be brought up in polite company.

What does Freemasonry Offer the World?

While Freemasonry in its present form has existed less than 300 years, there have always been associations resembling this great Fraternity. Such groups were formed at various times and in many places because man is fundamentally a social creature; he has an inherent need for friendship, love, and association with others.

Ritual Differences

An experience in Freemasonry usually upsetting to the newly-Raised brother is his first visit to a Lodge in another Jurisdiction than his own. Having carefully been taught a certain ritual, in all probability with positive emphasis upon the necessity of being “letter perfect”, he learns with a distinct shock that the ritual in other States differs from his own, and that these differ each from the other.

What is a Freemason?

A Freemason is a man who, in searching for life’s ineffable questions, finds his way into the company of fellow seekers. Comprised of men from every nation, races, social and economic level, all hold similar ideals and beliefs. The uniting idea is a faith in the divine founded in the certitude in an afterlife. This “belief” is grounded by certain landmark tenants and virtues which ultimately lead in exploration of those invisible questions, leading ultimately to the betterment of all mankind.

Oath or Obligation

Few words are more wrongly used, at least in Masonic circles, than oath.

Masonic Manners

Much conduct in lodge is governed by tradition, Custom, and usage, with no force of law to enforce or penalty for infringement. Masonic manners, like those of civilized society, are rooted in the dictum that conduct which makes for the comfort and pleasure of others is good.Masonic Poetry

Masonic Poetry

A small collection of Masonic Poetry submitted by brothers with an adept hand at crafting such prose. This is, however, only the start to a wider collection of works.

Masonic Abbreviations

Abbreviations of technical terms or of official titles are of very extensive use in Freemasonry. They were, however, but rarely employed in the earlier Masonic publications. For instance, not one is to be found in the first edition of Anderson’s Constitutions. Within a comparatively recent period they have greatly increased, especially among French writers, and a familiarity with them is therefore essentially necessary to the Masonic student.

Keeping Masonry on the Path – A Masonic Perspective

Esoteric, Spiritual and Religious Traditions all around the world have referred to their teachings, methods and attitudes as “the Path”. The word “Path” implies action, movement, and an eventually destination. It presumes that willful action must take place before completely understanding the doctrines of the Path. It implies development and change, and seems to tell us that we will make progress, at the beginning, the middle, and end of the Path. It also seems to point out that there must be something else out there, that we are trying to navigate through…


  1. I dont really know much about Masonry but certainly have a great desire to learn. I recently filled out an application to join just havent turned it in yet because money is tight. I have a very strong and firm belief in God and also believe my carpentry skills would provide great service to my fellow men and community. I am excited to know that someday soon I will be a part of a great Fraternity such as the Masons.

  2. Travis I too have a strong belief in God and in Jesus, to the point of desiring to study the Ministry. I am also a Master Mason and with all of the rethoric about Masons I have found most to unsubstaniated no real proof, and definately not in any of the lodges meetings. In short they are men who want to know more about life, God and have a strong belief in Brother Love. Again, religious men who all of which believe in God. Hopefully we will be able to call you Brother very soon.

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