The Demoulin Catalog

DeMoulin Bros. & Co. Catalog

DeMoulin Bros. & Co. Catalog

The 1930 DeMoulin Bros. & Co. Fraternal Supply Catalog No. 439 Burlesque and Side Degree Specialties; Paraphenalia and Costumes

Stunt Props, Tricks, Pranks, Practical Jokes, Humor, Magic, Goat Riding Carts, Paddling Machines, Electric Carpets and much, much, more!!!

Pictured at left is the cover of the 1930 edition of the DeMoulin Bros. & Co. catalog titled “Burlesque and Side Degree Specialties, Paraphernalia and Costumes.”

We believe that this was the best and last “side degree” catalog the DeMoulin Bros. produced, as this company suffered the same fate that many businesses did with the onset of the Great Depression.  Today, they are one of the largest suppliers of marching band uniforms in the country.  In the broken economy of the 1930’s, the fraternalism items this company produced and sold were not considered a high priority on the “need or necessity” list of many Lodges.  Yet, the side degree specialties that they sold were the very items that increased Lodge membership, their donations to charities and interest in “Lodge Life” itself.  These side degrees added to the “degree of laughter” early Lodge Brethren engaged in when initiating new members!  We have reproduced the DeMoulin Catalog here in its entirety.  Pay particular attention to the various testimonials at the bottom on some of the below catalog pages.  These testimonials were sent in by the Woodmen and Odd Fellow Lodges who purchased this paraphernalia and they described how it worked for them.  (Note:  Although Freemasons joke about “Riding the Goat” with their new initiates they never engaged in this activity inside of any Masonic Lodge.)  In the end you’ll see that the wholesome fun… “light hazing,” endured by the candidates made them feel more apart of the Lodge and fostered Brotherly Love and Affection.

(Legal Notice:  Be advised that Phoenixmasonry, Inc. will not be held responsible for any accidental property damage, injury or loss of life due to any irresponsible manufacture or use of the items listed in or made as a replica shown in this catalog or pictured on this website.)

Now you can get a reprinted copy of this catalog when you purchase

The Extraordinary Catalog Of Peculiar Inventions, by Julia Suits

Table of Contents

Page 1…  About the DeMoulin Bros. & Co. Factory

Page 2… About their different catalogs

Page 3…  About their credentials

Page 4 & 5… The Catalog Index

Page 6… Policies and their Salesman

Page 7…  Terms and Conditions (Their Fine Print)

Page 8…  A Page of Suggestions

Page 9…  A Low-Down Buck  (Their latest goat)

Page 10…  The Rollicking Mustang Goat

Page 11… The Fuzzy Wonder Goat

Page 12…  The Bucking Goat

Page 13… Ferris Wheel Coaster Goat

Page 14… Whiz Bang Aeroplane

Page 15…  The Submarine

Page 16…  Trick Bottom Chair

Page 17…  Trick Chairs

Page 18…  Electric Chair

Page 19…  A Pointed Affair

Page 20…  Bomb Stunt

Page 21…  Electric Bench

Page 22…  The Trick Camera and Surprise Chair

Page 23…  The “Jag” Producer

Page 24…  The DeMoulin Trick Guns

Page 25…  Plate Breaking Stunt

Page 26…  Iron Test

Page 27…  Balloon Ascension

Page 28…   Trick Desk Phone

Page 29…  The Guillotine

Page 30…  DeMoulin’s Patent Lung Tester

Page 31…  Traitor’s Judgment Stand

Page 32…  Drinking the Goat’s Blood

Page 33…  Baby Doll

Page 34… Moral Athletics

Page 35…  Liquid Air Tank & Zig-Zag Road

Page 36… Tooth-Pulling Stunt

Page 37… Trick Mirror / Trick Comb & Brush

Page 38…  Portable Jump Spark Battery

Page 39…  Batteries and Magnetos

Page 40 & 41…  Electric Carpets / Runways / Carpet of Tacks

Page 42…  Stick-Em-Up

Page 43…  Fencing Contest

Page 44…  Tug O’ War

Page 45… Electric Spiked Pathway / Wooden Shoes / A Current Affair

Page 46…  Crossing the Swinging Bridge & The Rocky Road to Dublin

Page 47…  Electric Cane & Embalmed Meat or Bad Egg Test

Page 48…  The Pledge Altar

Page 49…  Sea Serpent

Page 50…  The Human Centipede or Night Mare

Page 51…  Family Skeleton Turned Loose and Electric Blanket

Page 52 & 53… Coffin Stunt or Funeral of Al. K. Hall

Page 54…  Baby Bouncer

Page 55…  Bird Cage

Page 56…  Electric Stretcher

Page 57…  Charleston Girls

Page 58…  The Electric Razor

Page 59…  Golfitis

Page 60…  The Glad Hand & Electric Wheel Barrow

Page 61… The Devil has ‘Em on the the Run

Page 62…  No Man’s Land

Page 63…  Electric Branding Iron

Page 64…  Electric Teeter Totter

Page 65…  Dog Show Stunt

Page 66…  An Electrified Smoke

Page 67…  The Molten Lead Test

Page 68…  Lifting and Spraying Machine & The Muscular Test

Page 69…  Treadmill & The Fountain of Youth

Page 70… Trick Loaded Smokes & Trick Coffee Urn

Page 71…  Spanker / Electric Spanker / Slap Sticks / Stuffed Clubs

Page 72…  The Striking Maul & Greased (?) Pole

Page 73…  Invisible Paddle Machine

Page 74…  Lifting and Spanking Machine

Page 75…  Home Brew

Page 76…  Knife Throwing Stunt

Page 77…  The Branding and Whirling Table

Page 78…  Rejuvenating Machine

Page 79…  Trip Through a Stormy Desert / Trilby Feet / Trilby Hands

Page 80…  Electric Tunnel

Page 81…  Trick Tray

Page 82…  Say It With Flowers

Page 83…  Hulu Hula Bull Dance

Page 84…  Jewish and Swiss Naval Battle

Page 85…  Big Busy Bertha

Page 86…  The Devil’s Slide

Page 87…  Upward, Onward, Downward

Page 88… Thrown of Honor

Page 89…  Sliding Stairs or the Seven Ages / Spikey Block

Page 90… Tunnel of Trouble / Electric Sandals / Roller Pathway

Page 91…  Pillow Fight & The Toss-Up

Page 92…  Pillory & Lycopodium Flash Torches

Page 93…  The Bucking Couch

Page 94… Pie Table

Page 95… Ice Cream Table

Page 96…  The Blarney Stone & Bleeding Test

Page 97…  Saw Mill & Electric Saw and Buck

Page 98…  All Balled Up

Page 99… Deceptive Glasses & Wind Machine

Page 100…  The Rickety Rackety / The Rooter / Telegraph Call and Whistle

Page 101 & 102…  Noise Makers

Page 103…  Improved Song-O-Phones

Page 104…  Table Covers / Crepe Ribbon / Banquet Plates / Wreaths / Plumes

Page 105…  Camp Fires / Wood Alcohol / Rubber Tubing / Tripods / Kettle / Napkins

Page 106…  Letter File / Dater / Rubber Stamp / Ink Pad / Revolver / Cartridges

Page 107…  Emblematic Knife / Burlesque Rituals / 300 Stunts / Parliamentary Rules

Page 108…  Hoodwinks

Page 109…  Masks

Page 110…  Ballot Boxes

Page 111…  Seals & Cases

Page 112…  Gavels / Gavel Block and Case / Spears

Page 113…  Novelties & Masquerade Goods

Page 114…  Theatrical Hair Goods

Page 115…  Masks, Beards & Wigs

Page 116… Beards and Wigs

Page 117…  Large Papier Mache Heads

Page 118… Large Papier Mache Human Heads

Page 119…  Large Papier Mache Animal Heads

Page 120…  Masks of Nations

Page 121…  Masks of Celebrities

Page 122…  Skeletons, Skulls, Etc.

Page 123… Smoking Camel & Cow Bells

Page 124…  Animals

Page 125 thru 130… Burlesque Costumes

Page 131 thru 134…  Burlesque Costumes

Page 135 thru 138…  Burlesque Costumes

Page 139 thru 142…  Race Costumes

Page 143 thru 146… Costumes

Page 147 thru 150… We Manufacture Uniforms

Page 151… Sashes for Marshal

Page 152 & 153…  Swords and Sword Belts

Page 154… Picnic and Parade Umbrellas

Page 155…  U. S. Flags / Bunting / Stands / Belts / Staffs

Pages 156… Banners

Page 157…  Badges

Page 158…  Lodge Furniture / Chairs / Altar and Pedestal

Page 159…  DeMoulin’s Portable Lodge Stereopticon

Page 160…  Gongs

Suggestions & Directions for Introducing and Using our Burlesque and Side Degree Paraphernalia

Pages I, II, III, IV, V

A Novel Way to Introduce the Goat – Trick or Surprise Chair – De Stink or Bad Egg Test – Courage Test, or Meat Test – The Trick Camera – The Devil’s Slide – The Cannon

Pages VI, VII, VIII, IX, X

Trick Guns – Back-Action Gun – Electric Branding – The Pledge Altar – The Molten Lead Test


The Spikey Stool – The Mutoscope – Trick Coffee Urn – Treadmill – The Guillotine – Trip Through a Stormy Desert – Moral Athletics – The Electric Wheel Barrow – Electric Carpet – The Tack Test


The Electric Carpet (another way) – The Electric Spiked Pathway – A Current Affair – Crossing The Swinging Bridge – Rocky Road to Dublin – Electric Razor – The Jag Producer – Invisible Paddle Machine – Improved Lifting and Spanking Machine – Lifting Machine – The Muscular Test – DeMoulin’s Patent Lung Tester


Traitor’s Judgment Stand – Tunnel of Trouble – Baby Doll – Striking Maul – “Upward, Onward, Downward” – The Wireless Trick Telephone – Pillow Fight – The Toss Up – Pillory – Throne of Honor – Liquid Air Tank – Zig Zag Road – Cleanliness is Next to Godliness – The Coin Test – Electric Fountain


Spanker – Trick Mirror – The Blarney Stone – Bleeding Test – Electric Saw and Buck – The Bucking Couch – The Saw Mill – Deceptive Beer of Wine Glass



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