Royal Order of Jesters

royal order of jestersThe Royal Order of Jesters is a sub organization of the Shrine which is invitation only and shrouded in substantial controversy.

From their former website (retrieved from the Wayback Archive in 2009 and 2011) they say of themselves:

The Jesterman’s Creed
Laugh and the glad world laughs with you,
Weep and the sad World will sigh!
Mirth is our Life’s true Elixir;
It show you’re a “Regular Guy!”
There’s nothing so banishes worry,
nor puts such a big crimp in sin;
Nor smooths out the wrinkles of trouble,
Like a jolly old Jesterman’s grin!
It rolls off the years from your shoulders,
You’ll forget that you’ve grown to be men!
Your youth turns once again to embrace you,
For you’ve grown to be schoolboys again!
So, if you’ve got grouches, don’t bring ’em,
It’s your laugh and your joke that we need;
For Mirth is the Doctor of Trouble,
And Laughter the Jesterman’s Creed.

They say further:

The Royal Order of Jesters proudly believe and participate in Masonry.

Whereas most Masonic bodies are dedicated to charity, The Royal Order of Jesters is a fun “degree,” with absolutely no serious intent. The motto, “Mirth is King,” is sufficient to give voice to the purpose of the organization. The Royal Order of Jesters feel that there are times, after our hard work and dedication to family and mankind, when everyone should remember to laugh and appreciate the good work one has done.

The original meeting resulting in the formation was held on February 20, 1911, by Shriners on a pilgrimage to Aloha Temple, Hawaii, in the Captain’s office of the “S.S. Wilhelmina.” Noble A.M. Ellison of San Francisco, California, was responsible and the original cast included a Director and thirteen members. It was organized June 25th, 1917, at an informal meeting. Jesters are made from members of the Shrine in good standing.

Membership is by invitation only, not application.

Unverified – Royal Order of Jesters Initiation Ritual from 1928


  1. Satanist better run and hide. The world is waking up to your wickedness. Enjoy your last days.

  2. I’ve been studying Freemasonry, secret societies and the occult for more than 20 years, Above the 33rd degree the God they serve is actually Lucifer. Royal Order of the Jesters serve the same master.

  3. Appreciate the comment, but can’t disagree strongly enough to say you’re wrong. First, I’d caution you to check your sources. Second, coming at an opinion with a bias can lead to wrong conclusions and ideas. While there may be other issues at play with different membership organizations, they’re still just clubs, run by regular people, making regular every day (ordinary) decisions, even wrong ones. I’d recommend you look for historical data rather than opinion based media to get a full understanding. Best of luck.

  4. I appreciate Editors coolheaded response… but I can’t even fully unload the amount of intuitive data I constantly amass- that would positively suggest bustabesta and lucia aren’t far from the truth.

    to SD, I would say, I feel the same way about ignorance, but I am fairly rational about my approach, and when you come to the truth that has no opposite, and yet still feel the wound of evil inflicted on you and your world… its different. I’ll take a chance and suggest that Lucia didn’t actually say anything hateful in itself. Satanists prey on others, and I personally know of cases of Satanic Ritual Abuse… I’ve followed Ted Gunderson (FBI) talking about his incredible amount of encounters with SRA for some years… I have more friends in the Masonic families that confided in me that they are indeed cults. I’ve seen 33rd degrees confess against the evil in the highest degrees of Freemasonry, against the threat of murder… and then disappear…

    I’ve had more family in politics that befriended the son of a powerful FM… on the FM’s deathbed, he told his son (who told my family member) that he was personally who killed JFK and that he has committed evil in his life for his order. My family member had an idea of a superstate that would organize certain states to have another conjoining to have the power to stand up the feds… son of FM told my family member that if he went through with that plan, he and all of his family member would be quickly killed or dealt with.

    These are just little examples… the tip of the iceberg, tiny little specs compared to the avalanche there is…
    So how can ANYONE look at Lucia’s comment being juxtaposed against this dark-cloud of evil and say, “how hateful of you to observe the horrifying truth…”?

    What is ignorance but to ignore? I can live silently… yet this evil nonetheless arises when I look with my eyeballs…

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