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Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite – Northern Jurisdiction

Scottish Rite has been called the “college of Freemasonry” for it’s further Masonic education of the 4°-32° degrees. They are not advanced degrees beyond that of Master Mason in the Blue Lodge; instead, the Scottish Rite Freemasonry degrees are further education on the principals of the Blue Lodge.

The Scottish Rite makes application of the doctrines of Freemasonry to every realm of human activity. The individual Mason is taught to put into practice in his personal life and thought the lessons learned in the Blue Lodge.

Socially, the Scottish Rite is Freemasonry Militant, not in the sense of propaganda and agitation, nor by endorsing specific causes or sponsoring particular political movements, but by showing through illustrations from history and human evolution how the Mason may make his influence felt for the principles of free thought, free government, free education, and free religion. The Scottish Rite Mason is the foe of intolerance, bigotry, and ignorance in all their forms. That is what the Scottish Rite Degrees are all about.

After the Blue Lodge, a Master Mason may receive further teachings through the Scottish Rite. The Scottish Rite can confer an additional 30 degrees to the Master Mason. They are divided as follows in the Northern Jurisdiction of the United States. The Southern Jurisdiction is organized differently and has a few different names for some of these degrees.

Lodge of Perfection – 4° – 14° Degrees

4° – Secret Master
5° – Perfect Master
6° – Intimate Secretary
7° – Provost and Judge
8° – Intendant of the Building
9° – Master Elect of the Nine – North
10° – Master Elect of the Fifteen – North
11° – Sublime Master Elected – North
12° – Grand Master Architect
13°- Master of the Ninth Arch
14° – Grand Elect Mason

Council of Princes of Jerusalem – 15° – 16° Degrees

15° – Knight of the East or Sword
16° – Prince of Jerusalem

Rose Croix – 17° – 18° Degrees

17°- Knight of the East and West
18°- Knight of the Rose Croix

Consistory – 19° – 32° Degrees

19° – Grand Pontiff
20° – Master ad Vitam
21° – Patriarch Noachite
22° – Prince of Libanus
23° – Chief of the Tabernacle
24° – Prince of the Tabernacle
25° – Knight of the Brazen Serpent
26° – Prince of Mercy
27° – Commander of the Temple
28° – Knight of the Sun
29° – Knight of St. Andrew
30° – Grand Inspector
31° – Knight Aspirant
32° – Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret

33° – Sovereign Grand Inspector General
33° – Honorary Achievement

An honorary 33° is conferred annually to certain 32° masons who have exemplified, in their daily lives, the true meaning of the Brotherhood of Man under the Fatherhood of God. The recipient must be at least 33 years of age and may not apply for the degree.

Although the Scottish Rite degrees are numbered, it is not to imply that masons who have achieved these degrees are of “higher” rank. The highest degree in Freemasonry is the sublime degree of Master Mason or 3° which is given in the Blue Lodge.


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