Grotto, Masonic order, freemasonryThe GROTTO is provided to the Master Mason as a place where he might join with his brothers in letting human instincts for fun, pleasure and amusement prevail.

The GROTTO was not and is not a place for Masons to exercise practices that would not be tolerated in the Masonic bodies, or which are taboo among gentlemen. The GROTTO stands for all of Masonry and wholesomeness in life. It stands for letting in the sunshine on discouragement, grief and woe and it stands for substituting hope for despair at all times.


  1. To draw the Master Masons of different Lodges into closer and more friendly relations.
  2. To create and maintain a spirit of Fraternity among us.
  3. To discountenance jealously, enmity and ill-feeling.
  4. To teach us that we are not only members of one Blue Lodge, but belong to the Fraternity-at-Large.
  5. That there are good Masons outside of our own Blue Lodge and they are worthy friends and companions.
  6. To build up and strengthen the character and individuality of the Mason, and to teach, recognize and develop the principles of Masonry outside the Lodge Room.
  7. To teach that a Mason is not judged by his actual appearance or worldly wealth.
  8. The Grotto meets all Masons on the Level, not figuratively,
    but actually, and teaches that Masons are Brothers on the street as well as in the Lodge Room.
  9. That Masonry must not be used as a means of advancing the material interest of any man.
  10. To get out of the rut in which we too often fall.
  11. To forget our cares, for there is good in all of us.
  12. The Grotto is a social organization for Master Masons.

On the web at Grotto — Mystic Order of Veiled Prophets of the Enchanted Realm.


  1. Most Certainly Time Proven By Those Giants Of Fellow True Brothers Of Freemasonry Who Have Blazed The Level Of Time ..The Pioneers …. Before Us …Rest Their Fine Souls !!! Brother Dino S. Valenti … Warmest Regards … ALL …

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