SCIOTS,logoFounded in 1905 by a number of Masons meeting at the Mission Masonic Temple, in San Francisco, California, its purpose of forming was to create a social club where Masons could get together on an equal footing, free from the confines of the lodge, yet organized for the purpose of furthering Masonic teachings and applying, in a practical way, in everyday business affairs, the teachings of the fraternity.

The organization was quickly recognized as a valuable community because it brought the brethren into close contact in their daily lives; fostering the true spirit of fraternity. This unity caused men to forget their worries, troubles, and cares of life and made them look upon the brighter side of things giving them new hopes and joy.

The slogan established was:  BOOST ONE ANOTHER!

With the Moral:

Our neighbor’s assistance and cooperation in your business affairs;
The strong grip of a friend to help you over the rough places in life;
A kind word spoken in your behalf or your defense;
A watchful care over your brethren in their journey through life;
And a full measure of innocent amusement;
is worth many times more to you while living, than the most beautiful requiem, over the most unctuous sermon, or the most elaborate pyramid over your remains when you are dead.

Simply, SCIOTRY is friendship, fellowship, and cooperation, and the spirit of Boosting One Another through unity in all things.

More on the web at: Supreme Pyramid Ancient Egyptian Order of SCIOTS

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