Who Are Freemasons?

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Freemasons are individuals who voluntarily seek admission to a lodge, accepted because they were tested and found to be of good character, who believe in a divine presence and uphold high moral, personal, and ethical standards.

They participate and desire to participate with like minded men in learning what Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth mean, practicing these tenants within and without lodge in their various social and professional communities.

Masonic Secrets

There are no secrets in Freemasonry, except for the initiatory rituals and even those are not secret in their activity, but rather in their deeper meanings.

The lessons learned in Freemasonry are openly shared with wives, friends, co-workers and to anyone who desires to understand their meaning. The most profound secret is the depth of fraternal association that comes with BEING a Freemason.

Freemasons are not typically boastful or indolent about its virtues and seldom squander the opportunity to impart the wisdom of the fraternity whenever possible. Practical duties of charity are planned for and carried out, personally and within a lodge. Most importantly, the bonds of fidelity and brotherly love are practiced within the lodge and without towards all brothers and non brothers alike, but with special consideration to brother master masons, where ever they may be.

What is Freemasonry About?

Freemasonry is about building meaningful relationships with like minded individuals who have a spiritual connection without a religious dogma.  In most instances, those bonds last a lifetime in person, at a distance, both on-line and on the street.

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Freemasonry Explained

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  1. In answer to the first post- If you want to be one, ask one. Freemasons are unlikely to aproach you to join, however if you know one he will most likely gladly guide you through the process in the event that you express and interest.
    To the second post- Here, here and so we will.
    On the third post- It is the way of the world, however, unfortunately some in the world have lost sight of, or failed to see, the value and universal benefits of such virtues as Freemasonry seeks to nurture in all humanity.

  2. My address is: James F. Sipes 124 Penn Ave Apt #1 Westminster Md 21157
    (410) 848-0994

    Right outside the back door of my home, I can see Lodge #46 Virtue Lodge, I walk past it twice a day.

  3. I was asked if I was interested in joining and I have not regretted becoming a member of the worlds largest fraternal society of upright men of strict morals and sound judgement,

    As for the comments do what thou wilt, it belongs to the Golden Dawn and Argentum Astralis, and that infamous bisexual, drug fueled dirty old man Aliester Crowley who was not a Freemason, but looks good in the photo.

  4. my father was a thirty third masion what does this mean his lodge was no 16 third distret in the valley of pleasantville nj he has past away does this mean the legacy went with him

  5. I never think that Freemasonry is a group of people bounded by evil spirits,but rather, of people who like responsibilities beyond their borders!Think of what the ones claimed to be masons have don to save human livelihoods compared to non-masons!

  6. What happens when their is a member who does not uphold your high moral standard that you live by Police records..blatand disrespect to family and deceased parents..stealing.. lying to the court system..anything to benefit himself in any way he does not sound like a mason to me from my understanding of your organization will be happy to provide his name and prove these allegations if u care and uphold the mason oath

  7. I want more of an illuminati type deal MONEY POWER AND EVERYTHING IVE WANTED any body tell me how to into more of black magic and etc groups like illuminati


  9. lisawheatley,
    The conduct you describe is the Masonic crime of Unmasonic Conduct.
    If you believe that a man is guilty of such conduct you can go to the Worshipful Master of his lodge. Only a Master Mason can prefer charges under Masonic law, and then only against a member of his own lodge. He (the Worshipful Master) will determine if an investigation is warranted. If he does, he will take it to the Grievance committee to investigate the charge. If the committee determines that the charge has merit the lodge will conduct a trial with the same right of due process as civil society, with the members present acting as jury. If convicted the lodge will decide the punishment. The worst punishment that the lodge can inflict is expulsion.

  10. samuel bowe,
    “Do what thou wilt” is one of the most unmasonic statements that can be made.

    To be one, ask one.
    Tell a Mason you’re interested in joining. He will take it from there.

  11. SteveP… Thank U 4 the info on how to report an unworthy mason I have contacted via email the Grand Lodge in Ark per another fellow mason and have as yet to recieve a response from them I will continue to try and find the worshipful Master of his lodge and with help from persons like you I will surely succeed !!

  12. Ummm. I happen to have seen Aleister Crowley pic with his masonic uniform on. You people just don’t want to be associated with someone like him because it would raise questions about your influence on strange people. So unless you show me proof he was NOT a freemason just because you say that then there is no more to say. You can’t really trust a mason with questions about his organization anyways because if you do you will be met with a lie anyways because when confronted with questions he must keep secret he has to he has taken blood oaths swearing him into secrecy so give me a break.

  13. Alan, I don’t think many would argue that Crowley was a Mason, but it comes down to which branch he belonged to. If my memory is correct, he was a member of what is termed a clandestine line of Masonry after being declined for membership in the Regular branch at the time of his application.

  14. Alan,
    Crowley was a clandestine, or irregular, mason. The fraternity he belonged to is not and has never been recognized as legitimate by any Grand Lodge of Freemasonry.
    From your bigoted rant it’s plain that you know nothing about Masonry.


  16. Hi.Im moslem. I dont like freemasonary,
    we Believe our imam mahdi will appear as soon as we want .
    we will be winsome in the world without evil…….

  17. Freemasonry is not what it is intended to be; however, I do realize that there are bad and good in all organizations. The Brothers belittle their sister counterparts, speak ill of not only their brothers but they also disrespect their wives, sisters, etc. There is little respect, decency and morals within this organization in some regions. One Brother will make the whole organization appear disfunctional.

  18. i do a christian based homeschooling program and my school brought up the freemasonry and William Morgan and the book that he wrote “exposing the secrets’ of freemasonry if anybody can tell me more about what happened id appreciate it

  19. Crowley was thrown out of the United Grand Lodge of England for not being a Freemason, He was laughed out of the door for being Irregular, but he did like to wear all sorts of regalia, when he was not dancing Sky Clad,

    If I got a Euro for every time someone tells me Crowley I would be richer than Andrew Carnegie

  20. I understand it’s a fraternity but I question why there is no such group for women??? Especially since the said goal of the Freemasons is to ‘nurture humanity’. Is the exclusion of women to such a society saying that women do not have a part of this nurturing of humanity???

  21. Aleister Crowley became a Master Mason in 1904. At the time of his initiation, passing and raising, he joined an English-speaking lodge in Paris that consisted primarily of American and British ex-patriots. We know that as late as 1934, he was still a member of Anglo Saxon Lodge No. 343 in Paris. This lodge is a constituent lodge of the Grand Loge de France, which is now considered irregular. However, at that time, the Grand Loge de France was recognized by the Grand Lodge of New York and a number of other U.S. grand lodges. As a result, Crowley was able to visit a number of lodges in New York and the U.S. (See the article: “Aleister Crowley: Freemason,” by Martin P. Starr, in Ars Quatuor Coronatorum, vol. 108, 1995.)

  22. Mikaela: Regarding Freemasonry, you asked, “why there is no such group for women???” Let me ask you: Whose responsibility would it be to provide such a group for women? Whose fault is it that no such group exists? The answer to those questions can be found in asking yourself: “Who gave Freemasonry to the Freemasons?” I’ll tell you the answer: They got up off their dead behinds and did it themselves! Nobody “gave” it to them, they created it from scratch. So, if women want a “group” like this for themselves, they can bloody well create one, the same way the men did. Doesn’t that seem like a better plan of action than sitting around waiting for someone to bring it to you on a silver platter???

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