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Rainbow is a non-profit, service-oriented organization that teaches girls three basic virtues: Faith in a Supreme Being and other people, having Hope in all that they do, and Charity toward others.

The seven colors of the Rainbow are used to represent seven teachings that each member receives on her journey toward the pot of gold.

William Mark Sexson, a Christian minister and active member of the Masonic Lodge, founded the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls in 1922. The Rev. Sexson had spent his life dedicated to both fraternal organizations, and his ministry, and became aware of the need for a youth organization for young women who were from a Masonic or Eastern Star home.

Rainbow is open to girls between the ages of 11 and 20, regardless of race, creed, color or national origin. You do not have to be Christian to be a member. You can be assured that the values promoted by Rainbow are strong and basic to many religions

Many jurisdictions also offer Pledge groups for younger girls who wish to join Rainbow when they turn 11. The age range for Pledges is usually 8-10 year olds, though some jurisdictions allow younger girls to join Pledge groups. Check with your local jurisdiction for specifics about their Pledge program.


  • Be a young woman from 11 to 20 years of age. (For girls, age 8 to 10, many assemblies have Pledge Groups)
  • Belief in a Supreme Being (Individual religious beliefs are respected.)
  • Be a friend of and/or recommended by a Rainbow Girl, Mason, Eastern Star, Amaranth, or White Shrine but being related to a Mason is not a requirement. (Help will be provided to identify those who can recommend a young woman)
  • Be of good character and reputation. (Nobody is perfect, but members should strive to be the best they can be.)
  • Petition an assembly for membership (Parents or guardians must approve of membership).

Famous Rainbows:

  • Alaska – Ermalee Hickel, Wife of Gov. Walter Hicke
  • Alaska (Jeneau #3) – Renee Geurin, Broadway Performer, Head of the Voice and Speech Department of the American Adademy of Dramatic Arts, NYC
  • California – Patricia Barry, TV & movie Actress (Days of our Lives)
  • California – Lee Merriwether, Miss America, Actress Former Grand Officer
  • California – Dorthy Lamb, First Lady of Colorado
  • California – Jill Kinmont, A world-class (Olympic) skier who was paralyzed in a skiing accident. After her accident she became an inspirational speaker, wrote a book that is used by many schools, started her own foundation, the Jill Kinmont Indian Education Foundation. There is a movie about her life – The Other Side of the Mountain.
  • Colorado – Dorothy M. Metcalf-Lindenburger, Fort Collins #2
  • Hawaii – Lei LLima #2- Heather Stanton Moretzsohn, Liaison Officer for US
  • Hawaii – Kehaulani #5 – Jo Ann Kinzler Krug, Sheriff, San Bernadion CA
  • Hawaii – Hilo #4 – Cheryl Lau, Attorney General and Sec of State, Nevada
  • Hawaii – Hilo #4 – Karen Lau Sullivan, US Commissioner to the South Pacific Islands
  • Indiana – Crawsfordsville #28 – Sue Anne Gilroy, Sec. of State, IN
  • Iowa – Denison Assembly – Donna Mullenger (Reed) TV Actress
  • Iowa – Clarinda Assembly – Virginia Lines, Miss Iowa 1951
  • Iowa – Belle Plain Assembly – Jeanne Formanek, Miss Iowa 1967
  • Iowa – Avoca Assembly – Rebecca Ann King, Miss America, 1973
  • Maine – Lewiston #14 – US Senator Olympia J. Snowe
  • Michigan – Lansing #11 – Tammie Ferguson, Special Olympian Inspirational Athlete of the year. Lit the Torch at the 1998 Special Olympics and featured on Special Olympic Wheaties Box
  • Missouri – Liberty Assembly – Judith Craig, Bishop for Western Ohio area, United Methodist Church PGWA
  • Nebraska – Ashland #19 – State Senator Carol Hudkins
  • Nevada – Dawn Wells, Miss Nevada, “Mary Ann” on Gilligans Island, TV journalist and hostess. Has special line of clothing “The Wishing Well”, using velcro closures for those who have difficulty dressing themselves. Advisory Board Childrens Hospital at the University of Missouri, Co-hosts the Children’s Miracle Network Telethon for Missouri for over 11 years, Board of Trustees at Stephens College. Spokesperson for the International Wildlife Coalition and The Elephant Sancturary. Instrumental in establishing the Whale Sanctuary in Antarctica.
  • Nevada – Faith Assembly – Evelyn de la Rosa, Internationally renowned soporano
  • New Hampshire – Portsmouth #2 – Patricia Christo Coffey, Superior Court Judge
  • New Mexico – Silver City #21 – Virginia White, Personal Assistant to US Senator Jeff Bingaman
  • New Mexico – Chapparal #44 – Angelina Estrada Burney, Broadcaster at KTVA, Anchorage, AK
  • New Mexico – Zia Roswell #2 – Shirley Crawford Sonnamaker, co-anchor at KBIM TV
  • Ohio – Fairborn #50 – Rebecca Schmidt, Attached to the Office of the Sec of Defense. PGWA
  • Oklahoma – Laverne #91 – Jane Jayroe, Journalist and anchorwoman of local newscasts in Oklahoma City and Dallas/Fort Worth areas. Miss Oklahoma and Miss America
  • Pennsylvania – Martha #11 – Bobbie Shunk Gaunt, First Woman President and CEO of Ford Motor Co. of Canada
  • Pennsylvania – Clarion #168 – Debra Port, Actress (Melrose Place, Exorcist III..), model, spokesperson (Ford, Mercury, Chrysler, AAA, General Motors, K-Mart, Yellow Pages, Sears, Century Baby Car Seats)
  • Rhode Island – Cranston #2 – Col. Lorraine Potter, Highest ranking female Chaplain in the military. Nominated for the rank of General. (She is now Maj Gen, retired)
  • Rhode Island – Westerly #7 – Ruth Buzzi, Actress (Laugh-in, Sesame Street)
  • Washington/Idaho – Bremerton (Wash) #12 – Frances Haddon Morgan, Washington State Senator
  • Janell Berte’ is a PGWA from Pennsylvania. She is in her mid to late twenties and already a VERY successful business woman and bridal gown designer.
  • Senator Daniel Inouye and for the Dept of State, and Sao Paulo Brazil.


  1. shirley collins says

    To Whom It May Concern;

    Recently my daughter has received the title of Grand Rep to Hawaii and I am trying to contact The Grand Rep to Ohio from Hawaii and or the Grand Worthy Advisor of Hawaii Rainbow for Girls. We are trying to arrange a trip to Hawaii for a visit to the Grand Assembly of Rainbow for Girls. We have had no luck, I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could assist us in our research. Thank you

    Shirley Collins
    Mother of Rainbow Girl

  2. Ariel Age' says

    Even though I do not know of any members of the group I am still interested in becoming a part of this group.

  3. ellen kear says

    i would contact the other juristiction’s leader-older lady. I was LEWSIBURG ASSEMBLY’S (pa RAINBOW) AND WHEN TO RHODE ISLAND BEFORE I HAD MAJORITY IN 2001. I AM TRYING to figure out who now designs the dresses for the girls since i know it is not Ms. Berte for sometime. I will contact Heather P for this.

  4. Deidre Davis says

    Even though I don’t know anyone who is apart of this group i still would love to join and be of service to you guys please call [number redacted] thank you

  5. Heaven Lashbrook says

    I am a rainbow girl in Illinois and I am a Grand Rep to West Virginia. I haven’t received any information and I needed to know if someone could help me by finding out the Grand Worthy Advisor’s, or any person who could help me, contact information. It would be very much appreciate it. Please and thank you.

    Heaven Lashbrook
    Grand Rep Vermont & West Virginia

  6. Jessi C. says

    I am a rainbow girl in Colorado and Grand Representative to Hawaii. I recieved no contact information for my counterpart, and can’t find information on Hawaii’s IORG anywhere else. It is almost our Grand Assembly, it’s this weekend, and I need this information as soon as possible. Any help? Please and thank you.

  7. Sarah says

    I’m part of New Hampshire’s Rainbow, and part of Rochester Assembly Number 11. It’s still part of my first few months in Rainbow, and even though I’m new, I still have big dreams, like becoming our Grand Worthy Adviser. I am 14 years old, and glad to have joined Rainbow, because, I’m a Rainbow Girl, and I get things done. 😉

  8. kimberly perry says

    hi i am kimberly perry i am a rainbow girl in ga but i am moving to franklin virginia and i just needed a number to contact someone in virginia rainbow plz help me

  9. s collins says

    my daughter just became the Grand Representative to Brazil(Parana) and we would like to get information on when the grand assembly is in Brazil. if you have any info. please email me thank you

  10. Edith Schubert says

    For Deidre Davis- I’ve noticed you have made several posts wanting information about Rainbow. I am not sure where you live, but if you will use this website: and use the maps to find an Assembly close to you, I promise you those sites are monitored by Supreme and Grand Levels. I am a Mother Advisor to an Assembly in St. Joseph, Missouri and when I was having some computer issues, I got a phone call from those in my state monitoring the website to tell me that I had a website contact.

    Please let me know if you reach anyone- I really hope you become a Rainbow Girl!!! You can reach me through the website as well! Rainbow Love, Mrs. Schubert.

  11. Rose Elric-Solimon says

    To all who read,
    I am extremely intersted in joining this group. I am fourteen years old and my grandfather is a free mason. My Jewish friend, Olive, told me about this group so I went online and found this site. Please email me any details. (p.s. I fit all the requirements) Thank you, all.


  1. […] A organization planned to sow the seeds of love, law, religion, patriotism, and service in the hearts of the girlhood of America for harvest in the coming years. These sentiments prompted a Brother, the Rev. William Mark Sexson, McAlester, Oklahoma, then the Grand Chaplain of his State, to write the ritual and lay the foundations of the Order of the Rainbow for Girls. […]

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