White Shrine of Jerusalem


White Shrine of Jerusalem

The White Shrine is a not-for-profit body organized under a charter of incorporation dated October 23, 1894, and recorded in the office of Recorder of the State of Illinois on June 18, 1895. It is an international organization with Shrines throughout the United States and Canada.

Membership in the Order of the White Shrine of Jerusalem consists of ladies who have a relationship through birth, marriage or legal adoption to a Master Mason in good standing or who was in good standing at the time of his death in some regular Masonic Lodge, as well as members either active for three years or majority of the International Order of Rainbow for Girls or Job’s Daughters International who have attained the age of eighteen (18) years of age. Petitions for membership, based on Rainbow or Job’s Daughters membership, shall include a recommendation signed by a Master Mason in Good Standing

The term “White” is not a racial delineation, but rather refers to the purity of the life of Jesus Christ. Neither is this body connected to the Ancient Arabic Order of the Mystic Noble Shrine (AAOMNS) to which some Master Masons (Shriners) belong.

The aim of the White Shrine is to bring together men and women of high moral and social character to share their desire to spread the Gospel, aid and assist those less fortunate, and create enjoyable experiences for themselves. Its three principal areas of character building are: Spirituality, Charity, and Fraternity

To join, one may obtain a petition from a friend or acquaintance or the Worthy Scribe of a Subordinate Shrine.


  1. Sheila E Reynolds says

    I would like to apply to the Order of White Shrine. My mother was a White Shriner in San Leandro California. She died 6 years ago.
    Please let me know if I qualify and what I need to do to become a member.
    Kind regards
    Sheila E Reynolds
    214 Bracken St
    Augusta, KY 41002 Phone 606 756-2069

  2. Jean Alexander says

    Did you get any information about the White Shrine. I am the person that called you with the numbers to the Grand Lodge of Ky and 2 lodges close to you. I would like to hear from you. I hope you get to join soon because it is a really good organizations.
    Jean Alexander newly elected WHP

  3. Peggy McCray says

    I live in Auburn, CA. I belong to Crystal Chapter #57 OES. I also belong to Minzalah Temple DON, in Sacramento. Is there a local White Shrine? Thank you! Peggy

  4. Eddie Dean summers says

    my name is Eddie summers I am a junior Stewart at lodge 380 Huntington Beach California I was going through my family things and found my grandmothers dues card from 1942 order the white shrine of Jerusalem large number 7 I wanted some more information about this if anybody could help me it would be greatly appreciated my phone number is 714 794 7705 thank you very much for your time


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