Georgia Scottish Rite Reverses Initial Discriminatory Decision

In a stunning reversal by Georgia Scottish Rite, Brothers Victor Marshall and Zeithlin Waters of Gate City Lodge No. 2 have been approved to receive the  Degrees. The SGIG set aside the ballots of two weeks ago and approved Marshall and waters for membership. They are being accorded the ritual of the Scottish Rite at Friday and Saturday’s Reunion 11/4/11 & 11/5/11.

A big thank you to Georgia Masons who spoke out and by the force of their will to stand up for the principles of Freemasonry convinced the Scottish Rite leadership to reverse the unwarranted initial decision to exclude Marshall & Waters. A big thank you to all those Masons outside of Georgia who spoke out and dared to criticize the actions of a jurisdiction outside their own.

By the will of the people justice has been done. Long live the virtues of our beloved fraternity!

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Fred is a Past Master of Plymouth Lodge, Plymouth Massachusetts, and Past Master of Paul Revere Lodge, Brockton, Massachusetts. Presently, he is a member of Pride of Mt. Pisgah No. 135, Prince Hall Texas, where is he is also a Prince Hall Knight Templar . Fred is a Fellow of the Phylaxis Society and Executive Director of the Phoenix Masonry website and museum.


  1. I never would have thought that a healing would occur. I stand corrected. Someone in leadership actually got it right. I’m heading outdoors to pick some humbles.

  2. Was there really ever any doubt? The F & AM work clearly states who can and cannot be a mason. Clearly these men are Masons.

  3. Let there be no division between the one focus movement of oneness either black or white. As long as we all reason and think perfectly to actualize a common goal, in a place of worship or psymposuim. The act of racism will bring doom to the free mason movement, which does promote high moral standard. Thank god for the right decision being taken properly now.

  4. In GA here is just another case of southern racism. Here we have so called Masonic Code being used to cover and mask Racism. They GL is holding on to it with everything that they have instead of taking the difficult route to eliminate this poison alltogether. The GA GL F&AMs think that the public, government, etc will not find out how they are really operating in 2011. SHAME ON YOU!

    The so called mainstream Grand Lodges are the indirect cause for the creation of Prince Hall Affiliated F&AM. It arose out of the debths of hate and Racism. Here we stand, stronger than Life….

    It is a more Beautiful System of Masony because it is truly Universal. There are no boundary lines of creed, color or religion.

  5. Let’s not make PHA out to be perfect on race issues…Being a white PHA Mason, although nothing as obvious as the racism that happened in GA. , I have experienced it in my 20 years as a PHA Mason. And no doubt it was also in the south. I don’t plan on talking about this further, but just wanted to make the statement.

  6. Wow, her we have s great moral victory for Freemasonry and already we have division. Yes, way to show how much better things are.

  7. GA is trying gentlmen. I am glad they were given their degree! Every step in the right direction, no matter how small is progress.

  8. The point that to me seems always to be missed in these “victories” is the fact that Freemasonry should be ahead of the curve, not behind it, fighting tooth and nail to avoid being brought into the 20th Century. (much less the 21st!)

  9. To become a Freemason Google – Grand Lodge _________, put your state in the blank. Once you reach the Grand Lodge website of your state peruse the site for how to become a Mason.

  10. @Georgethe3rd

    While I agree with you, the reality is that we are behind the curve(at least in the south). So I’ll take this “victory” and run with with it.

  11. Exactly Bro. Big Bob! We are doing what we can. Not as easy as SOME on here would like to make it seem!

  12. Some years back, a large religious organization had denide membership into their churches to those of a certain color of their skin, and even citing their religious book insisting that those people were represenantives of the devil. This went on for many years, until someone complained to the RIS, and insisted that the religious church be denide tax deductions on the grounds of racial discrimination. Real soon after that, the church reported that a new revelation had just developed, that every seeker be admitted.
    Amazing, 501c works miracles.

  13. Congrats to the brothers and to GA for doing what is right. Racism is not just a southern thing. It is everywhere and from all races of people. Hopefully one day we can get past these issues.

  14. @ BigBob

    Do you think it will be possible for Freemasonry to ever get “ahead of the curve”? And if NOT, then is the premise and promise of Freemasonry just a sham?

  15. @Georgethe3rd

    Like I said, its behind the curve in the south. We are talking about a handful of jurisdictions vs. the dozens of jurisdiction that do not have this problem. And to answer your question yes I do think the south will catch up eventually so no, it’s not a sham. However, I think this is going to take awhile(next 10-20 yrs).

    Before anyone comments on the my prediction, I mean for “all” southern states to have “full” recognition. While some may say this is an unreasonable(or unacceptable) timeline, it is far more realistic than say five years.

  16. Its a sad day when one of the most fundamental rights of a lodge has been destroyed. the ballot box is how we protect the west gate. Now all you have to do is cry “racism” and the gates open. Nothing else matters. Makes you wonder who the true racist are. Those that are racist, or the ones that hide behind the term and use it to their advantage

  17. Im happy to know that true masonary is examplified and shown thru this reversal. Its not Pha, AF&AM or F&AM….Its not blk or white mason….freemasonary is about men of all walks of life bind in brotherhood not hatred. Acts like that contradicts the foundation of this noble institution. I truly hope that those who hides behind freemasonary and hate his own fellow man doesnt hve a mason heart and need to reevaluate himself.

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