TheCall Prayer Warriors to pray away Masonic demons on 11/11/11

I picked this up through one of the channels that buzz on the internet about Freemasonry.

It seems a radicalized line of Evangelical Christianity is putting thought to action in a November 11th, 2011 call to action to liberate Michigan, the United States, and the rest of the world, from the demons of Baal.

More specifically, the call is to excise Baal, a demon that organizers John Benefiel and Anita Christopher from West Michigan prayer center claim “has been allowed to take control of geographic areas because of freemasonry.”

This isn’t something just hatched out of a moments thought.  It comes from an effort that has been on the drawing board for more than a year with this idea being the intense topic of discussion and prayer within their precincts under the religious organization Transformation Michigan.

Their aim is to mobilize churches, people, and ministries on 11/11/11 to bring a Great Awakening of America by reaching Muslims with the love of Christ, Raise up the Black Prayer Movement, bring to light Pro-life and Family Issues with Biblical Social Justice.  Also on their prayer agenda is the hope to raise Economic Conditions in Michigan and Returning our Nation to a Biblical Worldview and Preservation and Safety of America.

Oh, and they want to do it, explicitly, with the eradication of Freemasonry and Islam in mind.

Rachel Tabachnick on Talk to Action has a synopsis of the planned attack from Transformation Michigan on November 11th.

This last aspect comes out of the West Michigan Prayer Center which bills itself as a trans-denominational Kingdom Building Ministry dedicated to preparing the way of the Lord Jesus Christ, and they aim to achieve their goals by trespassing with teams in Michigan intercessors at Mosques and Masonic lodges in the state to perform a “divorce” ritual from Baal.

Luckily, the organization has a website that talks about their plan, and they’ve made a video about it too.

What really strikes a cord is their reason for doing this and how they came upon their logic for it.  It’s disagreeable enough that any group sees the need to impose their religious ideology on other faiths, but to take it to others houses of worship to impose their ideology seems more a bully provocation than a sweet welcome to the neighborhood greeting.

Freemasonry gets wrapped into the equation through a series of conference calls on the subject hosted by Transformation Michigan, the group behind the November 11th call to action.   In the audio call below, from 4.11.2011, deals specifically with their supposed connection of Freemasonry and Islam in a talk given by Pastor Bill Suddeth.

Suddeth comes out of R.A.M. Ministries which is a branch of the International Society of Deliverance Ministers, a denomination of Apostolic Pentecostal Evangelism, which is itself a fairly young line of Christianity.  What Suddeth believes, and tells this audio audience, is that as Islam is big in Dearborn Michigan, it is in fact the Shriners who have opened the door for radical Islam with their logos (Scimitar, Star, and Isis) and rituals held in their temples.  Given that Masonry is the path to Shriners, the Masons are therefore the target for his consternation, aka witch-hunt.  Listen for yourself to the audio recording and judge their ideas and actions for yourself, and correct me if I’ve missed anything.

The sad thing is that no one among Suddeth’s, Warzywak’s, or Christopher’s ministries have EVER taken the time to reach out to local Freemasons or Shriners to ask them about it, at least in any way within which they make claim.  Suddeth says as much explaining with Rick Warzywak the need for spiritual Special Forces to eradicate these demonic influences.

Suddeth has an interesting webpage dedicated to the subject of Tearing down the Strongman Freemasonry and his 50 state tour, for which he takes a love offering to come out and give an 8 hour lecture on the links between Freemasonry and Islam.

Suddeth, a self described former drug addict and alcoholic, is dubbed the foremost expert of what Freemasonry is doing to America, and has his teaching on the web, which you can watch here.

It’s long, but you must watch the video above.

The sad thing is that Suddeth had a father who was a Mason and took him to Shrine parades.

Somewhere in this miasma these groups have directly linked Freemasonry with Islam as conduits by which Baal has been allowed into America.  Their goal is to dismantle the idolatrous worship structures, which includes the Masonic lodge.  Using biblical references of destroying idolaters, which is in a manner a religious hate speech, they admittedly have maps to locations and teams of prayer warriors ready to intercede for you.  Throughout the speakers us military terms to refer to their prayer intercessors and use innuendo of “striking first” to drive out

This is like a Jack Chick cartoon book made manifest.  What strikes me is that this kind of activity is a violating act of religious in toleration and really only a step or two away from inciting some act of violence against those who don’t see faith in the same way that they do especially when using language that is a clear reference to violence.

As a side note, much of the call to action for this intolerance comes from John Benefiel and Cindy Jacobs who were both endorsers of Republican Presidential hopeful Rick Perry and his prayer event in Houston a few months back.

So, on 11/11/11 and you’re in Michigan, keep your eyes out for TheCall prayer warriors trespassing intercessors at your lodge to offer up a prayer.  And, if anyone has a lead for where and when Suddeth is going to be in So Cal, I’d love to get wind of it to sit in and have a chat with him.

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A devoted student of the Western Mystery Traditions, Greg is a firm believer in the Masonic connections to the Hermetic traditions of antiquity, its evolution through the ages and into its present configuration as the antecedent to all contemporary esoteric and occult traditions. He is a self-called searcher for that which was lost, a Hermetic Hermit and a believer in “that which is above is so too below.” Read more about Greg Stewart.


  1. Such intolerance for people with a different flavour of the same universe. Peace is achieved when we drop our weapons and awaken and love all religions and views. Fear is the biggest manipulation tactic swung around to keep us ignorant and hateful.

    Acceptance begins in your heart, not in an external force. I find it distressing that this intolerance and hate still infests your church.

    Jesus would be ashamed of this destructive approach to achieving peace.

  2. It’s amazing to me how gullible some people can be. It’s the same old saw as Bill Schnoebelen uses mixed with a heathy dose of child abuse and other nonsense.

    Will common sense ever prevail?

  3. This is just to funny. Someone should remind these people that it was that group of Freemasons that made this country that gave them the freedom to freely express themselves as they are doing now.

    Ethan Allen – Mason
    Edmund Burke – Mason
    John Claypoole – Mason
    William Daws – Mason
    Benjamin Franklin – Mason
    John Hancock – Mason
    Thomas Jefferson – Deist with some evidence of Masonic connections
    John Paul Jones – Mason
    Robert Livingston – Mason
    James Madison – Some evidence of Masonic membership
    Paul Revere – Mason
    Colonel Benjamin Tupper – Mason
    George Washington – Mason
    Daniel Webster – Some evidence of Masonic connections

  4. It’s a matter of money, Isn’t it? If all Masons were to quit Masonry and become members of their churches, all the money that masons donate to charity would go to pockets of these phony ministers. Now let us really face it. It is a well known fact the entire Masonic Fraternity donates approximately $2,000,000. each and every day to Childrens Hospitals, Eye Foundations, and many other great and honest charities. In contrast, may I ask. what do those so called Ministers donate?
    Need I say more?


  5. So, let me get this straight. A fairly new Christian denomination led by a “man” with a self designed mission to save the youth with his man made Bible quotes made in the early 7th-8th centuries by brothers under the rose is going to attempt to transform Michigan via his man made company “The Call” who calls himself or other erroneously call him an expert on Freemasonry.

    Is this the 21st century or the 10th? My Lord, where do these self prescribed world saviors come from? Hell in a hand basket or from our material illusion that they wish to profit from by exploiting the weak minds that are THE ROOT CAUSE of our societal problems and men like this the cancer that infests it. The same men who read from a Bible and preach not to judge, but when it comes to their selfish causes or moneterial gains, the Bible and its laws do not apply to them. How convenient is that but his thousands of followers cannot even reason correctly or see the light, so it is easy for men like this to garnish such following and fans.

    The dark attracts dark and light, light. Tis a fact and that is why men and women of the dark will flock to Sudeth and the men of the light to masonry and other secret societies that do not judge or practice what they preach.

    Yes, I too would love to talk and debate with this Christian man.

    It is groups like these that walk the line of religious freedom and religious terrorism. Yes, anyone who spreads lies and terror for a profit without actual evidence and facts is a terrorist who terrorizes weak minds with their scare tactics.

    MOE DISCLAIMER: I am not a Freemason and I do not work for them. In no way do my views or comments reflect how Freemason feel or operate. I am a recovering ex-Catholic and born again Christian whose religion is the truth and the light. Hence, in order to find the light I had to escape from the Religious dark that groups like the one above operate for their own selfish gain.

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