Grand Lodge of Georgia Bans Gay Men

georgia bans gay masons

Here we go again in Georgia. Remember Victor Marshall who the Grand Lodge of Georgia tried to expel for being a Non-White? If not refresh your memory with the Freemason Information article My Brother’s Keeper –  Open Racism In Georgia Freemasonry.

Now it’s open war on homosexuals. Where will it all end? Do you think that Georgia can mimic Florida and ban all Pagan religions also?

Chris Hodapp on his Masonic Blog Freemasons For Dummies reports:

Chris Hodapp

Chris Hodapp

Last week in Georgia, the Grand Master, Douglas McDonald, issued an edict with the endeavor to change their adultery provision to additionally read, “Homosexual activity with anyone subjects the offender to discipline.”

I’m afraid there will be more of this. Brethren should consider that they have all probably been sitting in lodge with homosexuals since the day they became an EA. I strongly encourage Masons to check their state’s code and take steps to remove these provisions. I’m no gay activist, but we live in different times now, and the Supreme Court has spoken on the subject. Like it or not, such rules may subject us to lawsuits, and I humbly beseech Grand Masters not to act rashly because homosexuality conflicts with their own personal views of morality. We have had thousands of gay members since our beginnings, almost entirely without incident or without bringing disgrace upon the Craft. What someone does in the privacy of their own bedrooms is none of our business, as long as they don’t bring their politics into the lodge room.


Hodapp also reports on the Grand Lodge of Tennessee attempting to expel a Gay member.

Author Brother Michael Karpovage has this to say:

Michael Karpovage

Michael Karpovage

What an utterly embarrassing day it is for Freemasonry in the state of Georgia. An angry day. We are a non-religious educational institution based on Brotherly Love for our fellow man. Tolerance is a key tenet of the organization. A man’s character is all that matters. Not his race, his personal religion, his wealth or social status. And certainly NOT his sexuality.

Yet, our deeply religious Grand Master just shoved down our throats (pun intended) an edict that bans a homosexual from becoming a Mason on the basis that it’s moral sin under God. His version of God. There was no debate, no unanimous decision. There wasn’t a statewide call for this action by the brethren. It was issued like an executive order in the very last month of his term. He opened Pandora’s Box and I certainly gave him an earful of which I’ll probably be reprimanded for or worse. But I will not sit idly by without raising my voice.

This is what scares me about these Ralph Reed-type religious far-right wingers in our country. I believe in separation of church and state. I joined this institution specifically because religion and politics (two of the most divisive subjects of mankind) are strictly prohibited from being discussed within a lodge. And with one man’s actions, now all GA Masons will be painted as backward ass bigots.

Brotherly Love. Oh, the irony.

Update – Wednesday, Oct. 28, 2015: Chris Hodapp posted:

The Grand Lodge of Georgia met yesterday and the voting members upheld Grand Master Douglas McDonald’s edict outlawing homosexuality, and throwing in fornication for good measure.

So it would appear that Georgia Masonry has taken a stand on the subject.

-the Editor

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Fred is a Past Master of Plymouth Lodge, Plymouth Massachusetts, and Past Master of Paul Revere Lodge, Brockton, Massachusetts. Presently, he is a member of Pride of Mt. Pisgah No. 135, Prince Hall Texas, where is he is also a Prince Hall Knight Templar . Fred is a Fellow of the Phylaxis Society and Executive Director of the Phoenix Masonry website and museum.


  1. The Grand Lodge made a terrible decision. We publicly state that Free Masonry is not a religion, yet this Grand Master used his personal religious beliefs to influence his decision.

  2. As a three time Past Master and OES Past Patron I would have no problem what so ever with a gay person
    entering our Fraternity. The bible is only a guide and when taken too literally can create much murder, mayhem and misery such as Jim Jones or David Koresh. To say nothing of ISIS’ literal translation of the Quran and Sharia Law. We Masons daily talk up tolerance for our fellow man, and yet we see the Grand Lodge of GA and TN refusing to admit gay persons which shows their hypocrisy to everything we stand for. Religion, sexual preference and politics have their proper place, that place is NOT a Masonic Lodge it is your Church, home or voting booth. GA and TN need to enter the 21st century, the Supreme Court has spoken and our Fraternity gains nothing by being labeled hypocrites or just fools.

  3. The Grand Lodges of GA and TN are no longer recognized by The Grand Lodge of California, Belgium, and … (drum roll) Washington D.C. Additionally they are no longer allowed to participate in the yearly reverence of the Tomb of The Unknown Soldier.

  4. The Torah, The Qur”an, The Christian Holy Bible none of these support homosexual behavior, next time those that feel God thinks it is alright. Next time you pray be sure and tell God He must be politically correct and change with what the Supreme Court of The United States upholds as law. I do not think I will have that talk with God. one of these books are on the holy alter and you should have taken a oath on it, when God rewrites his word to conform with what is political correctness. Then I will stop being a Mason, until God changes his laws (mind) I will support that which I also did not write, changing with the times is not always the right thing to do morally.

  5. There are Freemasons who belong to none of the religions you mention and have none of the Holy Books you mention. What would you say to a Deist Freemason? To a Gnostic Freemason? To a Buddhist Freemason? Also in regards to Christianity the Episcopal Church accepts homosexuality and has homosexual clergy and and a Gay Bishop. The Presbyterian Church- PCUSA- accepts homosexuality as does the United Church of Christ – UCC. All these Christian churches mentioned also have the Holy Bible on their altar. A large number of Masons come from these denominations. In addition the Unitarian-Universalist Church – UU – accepts homosexuality. The practice of homosexuality is protected in many states of the Union. It’s the law. And as you know all good Freemasons are admonished to abide by the law.

  6. Today you can add the Grand Orient of the Netherlands to the list of GLs withdrawing relations with both GA and TN. If enough brethren in those two jurisdictions make their opinions known in the right circles, it is entirely possible for CA, DC, Belgium or the Netherlands to begin chartering Provincial GLs in GA and TN and forming new lodges, or converting existing ones. Look into how the UGLE created the GLNF in France. It could very well happen here.

  7. I am so glad that California, Belgium, Netherlands and D.C know longer associate themselves with the state of Georgia. Thanks

  8. These actions by the Grand Lodge of Georgia is an absolute disgrace and goes against all the tenants of Freemasonry. What happened to Friendship, Morality & Brotherly Love ? I can only hope the Grand Lodge of Maryland will disassociate with the Grand Lodge of Georgia. These discriminatory acts are not the fault of the Lodges but rather the pathetic prejudices of the ignorant Grand Master.

  9. Please brothers, tell me why you bothered to take the obligation?? Were there any ‘excepts’ in the obligation?? Did brothers attempt to fool or coerce you into taking the obligation?? What part of our obligation did you not understand?? Were you given the opportunity to withdraw as you were being taught the catechism and found you didn’t like or agree with it?? Please, as grown, sober men who took on the Master’s obligation and returned the catechism…why did you not stop if you disagreed with the teachings found in the Great Light before you entered the fraternity?? Did you not study the teachings after becoming a Mason?? Were you made to stay in the fraternity after you found it so vile? Should Masons stop upholding the teachings of the Creator because you disagree? Do you not like guns either and think we should all rid ourselves of ours because you don’t like them?? Why not quietly go where you are more comfortable and leave in peace? Have you gone to your Creator and prayed that homosexuality be accepted in our fraternity??

  10. It is not necessary to be a Christian to be a Freemason. The creator that every Mason must believe is intimate. It is true that Freemasons can not have attachment to human differences … The Mason who has attachment to human differences is perjured and must be expelled from order. Or withdraw gently.

  11. Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by God all mighty for the sin of homosexuality, sin is sin ,God hasn’t changed or became liberal or weak ,a true freemason is upright and Godly to the best of his ability, a true freemason will stand up for what is right and not fall for anything like the world is today, stand up my brothers for what is right !!!

  12. Freemasonry is bankrupt because of brothers who think like Torquemada. We will die and the young will not enter into a fellowship that thinks like the Spanish Inquisition of the fifteenth century. Freemasonry has fallen. It does not resemble that of the eighteenth century in Europe.

  13. I have been a Mason for 40 years, and have always been proud to say I am associated with the Fraternity. The Grand Lodge of Georgia is a total disgrace and disappointment. The certainly do NOT practice the tenants of the Fraternity, Friendship, Morality, and Brotherly Love. They should be ashamed of themselves and THEIR Charter should be revoked !

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