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This section of Anti-Masonry, or Masonicphobia, is a journey through the arguments made against the Fraternity of Freemasonry.  Seldom do the arguments come from the secular sector, but from the religious ones.

As such, it is difficult to not present it in a way that does not take on a religious inflection, that it is not a religious argument.  But, those who have taken the mantle of moral and religious “right”, have taken the argument to Freemasonry in declaring that it is improper for their way of thinking.  Either way, it comes down to each organizations definition of what is, or is not, proper within their faith.

So, without trying to interpret what these various groups and organizations have to say, we will let their links and material speak for itself.

An excellent primer for this section is the Short Talk Bulletin from 1949:

Why Freemasonry Has Enemies


” …Church’s negative judgment in regard to Masonic associations remains unchanged since their principles have always been considered irreconcilable with the doctrine of the Church…”

Protestant Christianity

Web-sites that specifically target Freemasonry, many with the agenda of vilifying the fraternity for their own political, social, religious, or personal reasons. Take them with a grain of salt as they believe what they write..


An interesting collection of sites, specifically writing about Freemasonry as world domination focused cabal, with hands in every world government and business. Remarkable are the parallels between the Protestant camp and the Islamics in their views of Freemasonry.

more to come…


  1. Freemasonry At The University of East Anglia.

    We write to advise that Freemasons are recruiting undergraduates and staff at the UEA, Norwich. The UEA Lodge is called Bowers Lodge (no.4865) which is named after the Rt. Revd. John Phillips Allcot Bowers, a former Bishop of Thetford. He was ordained Bishop in 1877 and was a member of Union Lodge no. 52 being appointed Provincial Grand Master of Norfolk in 1920. He was also a Grand Chaplain of United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE). Freemasonry is still endemic in the Church of England, Salvation Army and Methodist Churches. Grand Lodge has lowered the entry age from 21 to 18 for students.

    Bowers Lodge was consecrated on 26 Nov. 1926 and is part of The University Masonic Scheme which also includes Apollo Lodge, Oxford and The Isaac Newton Lodge, Cambridge(no. 859) The latter meets at Freemasons Hall, Bateman St. Cambridge. Bowers Lodge meets at Freemasons Hall, St. Giles, Norwich.

    There are now twenty nine lodges in the University Masonic Scheme which apart from the above include:-

    Onslow Lodge (no.2234), Guildford. Domus Dei Lodge(no.5151). Portsmourh.
    William of Wykham Lodge(no.1883), Winchester. Woodside Lodge(6441), Surrey.
    Southampton Univ. Lodge(7022), St. Vincent lodge (1404) Bristol.
    St. Alphege lodge (4059) Bath. Lodge of St. Peter. (5806) Exeter.
    Lodge of Fraternity. (1418) Durham/Stockton. University Lodge. (2352) Durham.
    Mowbray Lodge (5373) Durham/Sunderland. Hotspur Lodge. (1686) Newcastle on Tyne.
    Duke of Connaught (3892). Northumbria. Old Mancurians lodge (3811) Manchester.
    Univ. Of Liverpool lodge (4274) Univ. Of Sheffield lodge (3911)
    Aurota Lodge (4047), Leeds. Hull Old Gramanarians lodge (5129)
    Alcuin Lodge (6300), York. Daybrook Lodge (5522). Nottingham.
    Univ. Of Birmingham (5268) Singleton Lodge (8399) Swansea.
    Univ. Lodge of Cardiff (5461) City of Lancaster Lodge. (no.281) Lancaster.

    The London Lodges belonging to the University Scheme are:- The Lodge of Honor and Generosity; Phoenix Lodge; Rahere Lodge; University of Durham (London); Old Johnian Lodge; St. Cecilla Lodge and Tetragon Lodge.

    Does your university have a Masonic Lodge. Please show this around. Send it in your emails.

    Freemasonry uses a lot of human bones and skulls in their rituals. Where do they get them from?

    Thank you.

    Further info. From NW, Haverigg, Cumbria: CK, Valley Rd. Ipswich; The big lady, Kirkham Rd., Bridlington. Hello Inika and Michael (computer hackers). Hi John & Marny.

  2. Foolish people just because we are in a fraternity just because we may be secretive doesn’t mean that we are evil! Men who are Freemasons may be powerful but that is because we have strong loge for our brothers and the support we need to succeed in this hard world. I may be a young Freemason but that doesn’t mean I do t have the right to my own words that come out of my mouth. My tongue may be sharp but my mind is sharper, yet to call me wise would be to call me a fool. Because I am still young. I may be of sixteen years of age and have two years until I become a Freemason but I know my path. For those who think Freemasons are just made of powerful people that is not true. I few up in a trailer park I grew up around drugs, around neglect. But with the love of my brothers from demolay I succeeded to become the man I wanted to. I want to go into the FBI the bau and catch psychopaths I want to go for double doctorates in college and as a poor man I may not be able to pay for that. But with people to support me im a straight a student and im playing foothball to get to college and get my dream career. Without my family, and the support from my brothers in demolay and our chapter advisors especially one who helped me get good grades in algebra because he took his own time to teach me. Freemasons aren’t devil worshipers. They are some of the best most respectful men I have ever seen in my entire life! Anti-freemasonary is devil worshiping. Don’t deny the truth that they are helping young men around us grow up to be successful. Tearing up the Freemasons means tearing up the lives of future generations! I have dreams larger than many. But with the help from those respectful men. My dreams aren’t dreams they’ve become reality! Thank you Freemasons all of you I respect you and support you and once I become a brother I wont let u down I give my word!

  3. how can it the work of satan worship if satanism teaches you to be kind to one another, not judge one another, and dont do anything that could harm another man (or women)

  4. It’s just odd that Jesus is never named during masonic worship. The great architect of the universe seems to be more important. Christianity and Freemasonry are not compatible.

  5. Mainstream religions are not to be talked about in the Lodge per se under the bi laws of the Masonic constitution. Neither is politics discussed in the Lodge for the same reason. Any one who has a faith in a “supreme Being” is accepted constitutionally. (Men)

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