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Muslim Tapestry

A letter was sent to the United Grand Lodge of England in August 1995

…as Muslims, we must defend your right to believe in what ever faith you choose; for the Qur’an clearly states, there can be no compulsion in religion. However, at the same time, we cannot condone the use of disinformation to try and discredit those who have worked earnestly to bring to your notice and to the attention of a wider public, the preposterous errors (no matter how agreeable or ‘sublime’) being passed off as eternal truths by organizations such as yours. From the Islamic Party of Britain.

Mission Islam

This system shall promote mass immorality (Homosexuality, adultery, fornication), Atheism (a belief that there is no god), Devil-worship, use of USURY ( lending money at high interest rates), Intoxication( Alcohol, Drug abuse), Crime, Injustice, Oppression (cruel and unfair treatment of a group of people), Fitnah of the pen (Pornography, magazines ), Wars, Famine, massacres, Rape and suffering on an immeasurable scale.

The Dajjal-system is of course as we know is FREEMASONRY

A Muslim’s Perspective on the History of Freemasonry.  It should be kept in mind that Freemasonry’s goal is world dominance through the control of the human condition by the power of Satan (Illuminati). While essentially an organization that has Lucifer as its god, it must be understood that those in the lower ranks of freemasonry are not aware of the all that masonry entails.

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How The World Has Been Intelligently Controlled?

From the shadows they have engineered every major war, revolution and recession. They control everything you read, everything you hear and everything you see. They have managed to indoctrinate an entire populace to their way of thinking and have infiltrated key positions in places of authority and it is from the shadows they have created a new political order, a new economic order and most sinister a new religious order.

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Hamas and Al-Qaeda on Freemasonry

Therefore, you can see them making consistent efforts [in that direction] by way of publicity and movies, curricula of education and culture, using as their intermediaries their craftsmen who are part of the various Zionist Organizations which take on all sorts of names and shapes such as: the Freemasons, Rotary Clubs, gangs of spies and the like. All of them are nests of saboteurs and sabotage.

Al-Qaeda Targeting of Freemasonry

The Zionist invasion is a mischievous one. It does not hesitate to take any road, or to pursue all despicable and repulsive means to fulfill its desires. It relies to a great extent, for its meddling and spying activities, on the clandestine organizations which it has established, such as the Freemasons, Rotary Clubs, Lions, and other spying associations.


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  1. Muslims and non-Muslims as well as Freemasons have only to read English Translation of the whole of Holy Quran by anyone from beginning to the end
    and in particular Surah’s Baqarah, Alay Imran, Maidah, TaHa, Saba, Jinn from
    which it is clear that the teachings of Freemasonry are in conflict with the beliefs
    and practices of Islam

  2. Anti-Freemasonry in “Islam” is rooted in The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a notorious anti-Semitic text, created by the Russian secret police at the end of the 19th century. The text claims that Freemasonry is working for the Zionists to take control of the world. The Protocols is quoted by Islamists, and — most importantly — taught in the Saudi curriculum for boys.

    However, it’s complicated. Many prominent Muslims of the 19th century were Freemasons, including the father of anti-colonial political Islam, Sayyid Jamal ad-Din al-Afghani.

  3. Anti Freemasonry in Islam is far older than the protocols, which, btw, are not just propaganda or a publicity stunt as just about everything it says will happen…Has.

    Freemasonry has been involved in establishing the house of Saud, heretical Muslims who are responsible for the destabilization of the greater Islamic world, allies of London and Washington and the Saudi Arabian government today.

    It promotes the notion that all Muslims are like Wahhabis and Salafis because they are responsible for the creation of “Muslim” terrorists.

    While they are responsible for the Wahhabis and Salafis.

    And 95.5% of Muslims are not either or.

    And not terrorists. ATS is a pseudo conspiracy theory forum that promotes the denigration of Islam daily, will not allow anything anti-Jewish though even if true.

    Owned by 3 Masons it is lousy with Apologists trying to convince people it is not sinister.

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