What is Freemasonry? A Free eBook

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“What is Freemasonry?” is a NEW and FREE e-book.

An essential guide in understanding the Modern Fraternity.

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The goal of this e-book is to make available some of the lesser discussed details of the contemporary fraternity.

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Many books have been written about Freemasonry’s “occult” symbolism, the assertion of its quasi religious practice, the connections between Freemasonry and the founding fathers, and the bizarre layout of Washington D.C. Each of these texts offer a glimpse into the present tense fraternity, as they ask the same questions that many masons themselves ask.  But those books fall short of answering questions put forth by those without any prior knowledge of the craft.  That is why this book is a must read for anyone asking the question “What is Freemasonry?”

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As the fraternity enters into the 21st century digital age, there needed to be an answer to that question.  There needed to be an easier way to communicate the particulars of what Freemasonry is today, right now, which is at the heart of this free e-book.

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I encourage you to download the e-book, read it, and share it with others.  As you go through it, I hope that it will help you to explore the questions put forth in it that describe what the modern fraternity is today and how it exists in the present.

Greg Stewart – Masonic Traveler
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A devoted student of the Western Mystery Traditions, Greg is a firm believer in the Masonic connections to the Hermetic traditions of antiquity, its evolution through the ages and into its present configuration as the antecedent to all contemporary esoteric and occult traditions. He is a self-called searcher for that which was lost, a Hermetic Hermit and a believer in โ€œthat which is above is so too below.โ€ Read more about Greg Stewart.


  1. Tom,
    Thanks for saying that. Given past experience, I figured it was better to look at what the questions that I get most and try to answer it that way.


  2. Hey, I wanted to let you know about a mistake on the FAQ page. It reads: “In most major cities heir may be several lodges near you. The local White Pages or Yellow Pages will have a listing for those in your community.”


  3. Dear Brother Greg,
    What an AWESOME book. I know this comes directly from your heart. You my Brother are exactly the kind of Brother we should point to when we are asked “What is a Mason?” Thank you, thank you and thank you again. With your permission I will share this with Brethren, everyone I meet that is interested in our Craft and some that are not. ๐Ÿ™‚ I am always at your service.

    Your Friend & Brother,
    Manny Blanco,PM
    Moreno Valley Masonic Lodge # 804
    Moreno Valley, CA
    Grand Lodge of California

  4. Greg – Congrats on publishing your first book. I agree wholeheartedly with Tom. I look forward to your next. You have much light to share.

  5. Hello,

    I have wanted to become a mason for a long time. But i have questions. I am an ex convict. I have been out of prison for a little over 4 years now liveing & doing right. I’m married and have 4 kids. Could i become a member although i’ve been to prison?

    I have recently contacted an old teacher of mine from high school. His name is Max swafford. His father & grandfather were both Masons. He said he would go as far as write a letter for me to give to a lodge on my behalf. He thinks it would be a good thing to become one and i do myself.

    But like i ask him, can ex convicts become members if there liveing & doing right now? Please let me know?

    Michael Dodge

  6. Dear Bro

    You did a wonderful job

    I am wondering if you can give me the permission to translate the book in Greek and use it among the greek brothers and brothers to be!

    It will be extremely helpful

    S & F

    Panos Rigas


    Pleias Lodge

    GL of Greece

  7. Michael,

    There is really no way to answer your question other than saying it depends on the Lodge you are joining. Is it possible a lodge would want to wait longer to “make sure” that you are living right? Yeah. Is it possible a lodge would accept 4 years as long enough? Yeah.

    Sorry we cannot give you an answer, but it is up to the membership of each lodge.

  8. Masonry is like the story of the builders putting each stone in place, who decides the bulding, the worker or the stones?

  9. The Freemasons, like most secret organizations, are heavily infiltrated by the CIA and police informants. They are manipulated into, among other things, participating in state-sponsored organized stalking campaigns.

    I don’t expect that the Freemasons, or any similar organization, will stop what is going on behind closed doors willingly. That’s why I hope the public becomes aware and becomes so outraged, it smashes those doors down.

    Good day.

  10. mason is a very bad way ! where are you going. are you following evi? or evil has cheating you? ithink this questions are very important? repeat and repeat them

  11. Jeremy & Enou,
    Are you guys for real? True Masonry is a way of life. The ways of virtue are beautyful. Understanding the secrets is what makes you a better man. A man is not my brother because he is my friend, he is my Brother because of his obligation.


  12. Hello, I am a former Marine of four years and New York Air National Guards Man of five years. I have two acquaintances that are veterans and Freemasons. They both said to look for someone who was very close to me that might be in the brotherhood. I have no such friends. I feel the loss of comradery from the military and was curious about the brotherhood. I am also a union worker and a member of the International Union of Elevator Constructors.
    Thank you for your time.
    Mariano Anaya Jr.

  13. hello im a freemason but id like to know about the fraternity history. can you help me my brother? thank you.

  14. im almost 12 years in the fraternity i did not notice any flaws in the craft….the craft is purely fraternal, who believe in the creator of the universe and of course the father of all living being. it is good and evil that shape us, freemasonry teaches us to be a much better man.

  15. Hello bros, Im a Nigerian in Nigeria, I am interested in joining freemason, but can I join without having a refeerer? Im already a member of another fraternity(AMORC) can I still join masonic order?
    How can I even start the process of joining? Thanks

  16. In my fact of knowledge told to through the channel of god to me a freemason is to understand the material world you must first understand the spiritual world created by the eye that sees all good and evil, I’m not a freemason but for some reason the eye is speaking to me and hopes that my actions lead me to the freemasons, I have spoken through this child of mine and told he that to ask what a freemason was is the same to be evil…

    -G.W.C.- gods wise creation, B.I.G. believe in god,

    It shall always be G.O.D.!!! god over devil never D.O.G (devil over god)
    ..I make the evil do innocence….


  18. i believe the ideals that you shared in your information it helps a man to be a better man but i have one question can i join or be a mason even if i am not rich and popular person

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